8 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2022; Cashout $50-$500 Immediately

If you’re always finding yourself making ends meet, you need some great loan apps that can help you to take some financial load off your shoulders instantly. That’s why, in this article, we’ve listed the best $50-$100 Instant Loan Apps in the US that can help you financially.

Dealing with the traditional banking systems might seem more reliable but with strict requirements like credit scores, it can become difficult to find reliable loan apps that can offer instant cashouts.

With the onset of modern mobile banking apps, it’s now possible to get cash in between your paychecks and that too without any hidden fees. You can instantly borrow a part of your paychecks before they are due to help you out in financial emergencies. Some of these $50-$100 instant loan Apps in the US market include Empower, Earnin, Dave, and more.

It can be overwhelming to choose the best app to help you with your financial needs, and so, we’ve curated this list of 7 Best $50-$100 Instant money Apps in the US that can quickly fix your instant need for money. Read along to find out exactly how much can you take out from these loan apps.

8 Best $50-$100 Instant Loan Apps in the US in 2022

These instant loan apps will not only let you receive instant payouts but will also assist you in managing your finances by helping you save and cut down on unnecessary expenditure with features such as Budgeting tools etc. Without further ado, let’s check out the 7 Best $50-$100 Instant Loan Apps in the US.

1. Viva Payday Loans – Best $50 Loan Instant App

8 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2022 | Cashout $50-$500 Immediately

Viva Payday Loans use a loan matching aid to connect lenders to borrowers. In fact, borrowers can get same-day payday loans even when they have a bad credit score. Viva Payday Loans offer a flexible lending option. Borrowers can access loans from $50 to $5,000. The loans can also last for three to 12 months. Viva Payday Loans application process is fully online. Once a borrower applies for a loan, they can get the payment within minutes if approved. The Annual percentage range varies from one direct lender to another; however, the site typically ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%.

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Features Of Viva Payday Loans

– Quick and Easy Signup

– Instant Approval get a decision in just 2 minutes

– Available in many states in the USA

– Bad credit welcome

– Flexible repayment terms

Amount: $50 to $5000

2. Brigit: Build Credit, Budget & Save


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brigit; $50 Loan Instant App

If you often need financial aid between your paychecks, you need to try out Brigit. Brigit is a tool that assists you in easily managing your expenses to make ends meet to help you out in financial troubles. With Bright, you can access up to $250 cash whenever needed. 

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In addition, Brigit also assists you in building a sustainable and brighter financial future by helping you spend wisely, avoid any unfair fees, and start saving more to reduce any financial stress you might be facing. It’s time for you to try out and understand why there are over 1 million members using this platform. 

Features Of Brigit Instant Loan App

  • Get upto $250 without credit check and any interest
  • Build credit while saving
  • Easy Sign up
  • Fast Access
  • No hidden fees
  • No late penalties
  • Balance Alerts
  • Protect your identity

Amount: $50 to $250

Brigit is trusted By 1.5 Million users worldwide.

3. Dave- Banking for Humans


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dave; 7 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2021

Dave is a financial tool app that acts as your banking buddy to improve your financial health. A platform with no hidden fees makes this financial companion one of the best-trusted loan apps to use in the US with well over 10 million members. With Dave, you can cash out up to $200 before your payday.

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There are no additional charges such as overdraft fees, no minimum balance fees, and also ATM fees across 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs. Dave has saved nearly $200 million in overdraft fees for its customers. Sign up on Dave to improve your financial health and to build a better financial future. You’ll see why Dave is one of the best instant money apps.  

Features Of Dave- Instant Money App

  • Get upto $200
  • Get paid 2 days early
  • Build Credit
  • No hidden fees
  • Intuitive budgeting tools

Amount: $100-$200

Dave is trusted By 4 Million users worldwide.

4. 1FirstCashAdvance

8 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2022 | Cashout $50-$500 Immediately

Do you need cash, but you don’t want to get bogged down in paperwork? 1FirstCashAdvance is the place to be. The loan request process is easy, and the range of loan amounts is wide. 1FirstCashAdvance is a quick, easy and convenient way to get guaranteed approval payday loans online. You can apply online with no faxing process.

Features of 1FirstCashAdvance:

  1. Almost instant approval decision
  2. Direct deposit within 24 hours
  3. No hard credit checks
  4. Bad credit is allowed
  5. No additional fees
  6. 24/7 customer care

Amounts: $100 – $5,000
1FirstCashAdvance helped Americans all over the US states and all these online.

4. Empower: Instant Cash & Early Payday


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Empower; 7 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2021

Starting off the list with one of the best financial technology companies – Empower. Empower lets you early access to your paycheck with cash advances up to $250. There is no interest or late fees that you have to pay. 

If you sign up for an Empower Card, you can get up to 10% cash back on debit purchases at places like restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and more. With the Empower Card, you get free unlimited access to over 37,000 ATMs across the country.

All in all, this is a great app for instant cash advances up to $200 with no overdraft or any hidden interest payments and credit checks. Once you receive your next paycheck, Empower will debit the amount that is advanced to you in order to balance your trương mục.

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Features of Empower Loan Instant App

  • Get cash in advance up to $250
  • Get paid up to 2 days faster
  • Get up to 10% Cashback
  • Get Free ATM Withdrawals
  • Fast Service
  • Track your spend
  • Save automatically
  • Recommended by Money Under 30, Investor Junkie, Money Crashers, Consumerism Commentary, The College Investor, DoughRoller

Amount: $100-$250

Empower is trusted By 600,000 Million users worldwide.

5. Chime – Mobile Banking


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Chime; $50 Loan Instant App

The next app on our list is Chime, a banking platform that assists you in tracking your trương mục balances, daily transactions, and savings anytime and anywhere.

Chime lets you cash out early advances up to $100 before your payday. With over 135K five-star ratings in the app stores, you need to check out this growing loan app to help you with your finances. Chime is undoubtedly one great $50 loan instant app.

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Features of Chime $50 Loan Instant App

  • Overdraft up to $200
  • No hidden fees
  • Get paid two days early
  • Use Credit Builder
  • Reach your money goals
  • Pay friends without any transfer fees

Amount: $50 to $200

Chime is trusted By 12 Million users worldwide.

6. Earnin: Get Cash Before Payday


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Earnin; $50 Loan Instant App

With Earnin, one of the most popular loan apps in the US, you get access to your wages whenever you want. Additionally, there are no interests, no hidden fees, and no credit check which makes sense as to why it’s trusted by over 1 million members. 

Earnin lets you access up to $500 per paycheck. In order to get started, the only thing you need to do is connect your bank trương mục with Earnin for direct deposits.

Some of the partnered banks of Earnin include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, and more. If you want to make any day your payday, head over to Earnin NOW.

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Features of Earnin Best Money App

  • Get instant bank deposits
  • Save for a chance to win big
  • Help prevent Overdrafts
  • Track recurring Payments
  • Get 24/7 Support

Amount: $100 to $500

Earnin is trusted By 2 Million users worldwide.

Note: Earnin is not a payday loan, a cash loan, or an app to borrow money. Earnin gives you access to your pay when you want it – with no interest, and no credit check. Join Earnin today, and start making any day payday.

7. PayActiv: Live The Life You Earned


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

PayActiv; 7 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2021

If you’re looking for an app that can provide more than just lending instant cashouts, then we recommend trying out PayActiv. With PayActiv, along with early access to your paychecks, you also get some help with financial counseling. You can even use the app to pay bills and get prescription discounts.

In order to utilize PayActiv services, your employer must sign up for the service as well to make yourself eligible for advance cashouts. PayActiv lets you withdraw up to $500 of your earnings from your employer before your payday.

There are no overdraft charges and other hidden fees. If you opt for their debit card, you can even use the service for free by depositing directly to the card, otherwise, you’ll have to pay a $1/day fee whenever using the service. The features below will tell you why PayActiv is a great app for instant money.

Features of PayActiv Loan Instant App

  • Faster access to your money
  • Easy, free, instant mobile payments
  • SmartSpend and SmartSave to stay on track with your goals
  • Banking without the hidden fees
  • Convenient and secure

Amount: Depends on your salary.

PayActiv is trusted By 2 Million users worldwide.

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8. MoneyLion: Bank, Borrow, Invest, Grow


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

MoneyLion; $50 Loan Instant App

With well over 7.5 million downloads, Moneylion takes the spot as one of the popular personal loan apps in the US region. With Moneylion, you can gain control over your chaotic financial life.

MoneyLion offers tools like cash advances, auto investing, and many more to improve your overall financial health. You can use MoneyLion to cash out up to $250 before the payday to help you to better manage your finances. 

Features of MoneyLion Loan Instant App

  • Crypto Prize Pool
  • Instant Cash
  • Invest in your future with fully managed portfolios and auto investing.
  • Faster and easier access to funds.

Best Review: “Top 50 Most Innovative Fintech Companies In 2020” — Forbes (2/2/20)

Amount: $50-$250

MoneyLion is trusted By 8.7 Million users worldwide.

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Wrapping Up

This concludes our list of the best $50-$100 instant loan apps in the US. All of these apps offer secure methods of transaction and are trusted by millions of people across the United States. But in matters of your hard-earned money, carry out your own research.

Let us know if you’ve ever heard about any of these best instant money apps before, in the comment section below. And for more interesting content related to Lifestyle, Technology, and Entertainment, make sure to keep visiting Path of Ex – Your Spot For Trending Stuff!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which app gives loans instantly in the USA?

Here is the list of the USA’s best instant loan apps:
1. Empower
2. Dave
3. Earnin
4. PayActiv
5. MoneyLion
6. Chime
7. Brigit

Can I borrow money from Chime?

Chime not only lets you cash out early advances up to $100 before your payday but also assists you in tracking your trương mục balances, daily transactions, and savings anytime and anywhere.

What are the best $50 loan instant apps?

The best $50 loan instant apps in 2022 are-
1. Cashmama
2. Ezloans
3. Chime
4. MoneyLion
5. Earnin

Which app is best for taking an instant loan?

The best app for taking an instant loan is-
1. Earnin
2. Dave
3. Brigit
4. Chime
5. MoneyLion