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8 Best Online Nail Technician Courses and Classes


Would you like to turn your hobby into a profession? Like painting nails? Is it your dream to be a part of the 532 billion dollar beauty industry? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you must enroll yourself in one of the top nail technician classes online.


Being a nail technician will provide you with one of the most in-demand and desirable skills. Typically speaking, clients who indulge in self-pampering enjoy a manicure every 10-15 days and a pedicure once every thirty days.


Now, the question is, how do you find one of the best nail technician classes online? Well, you do not have to do the groundwork. We researched, scoured through the internet, and found the list of the eight best nail technician classes online. Now, the question is, what made us select these online nail tech classes over others?


So, initially, based on our research, we picked the 15 best online nail tech classes. These courses were selected on four parameters:


  1. The course offerings
  2. The fee that you pay
  3. The experience of the instructor
  4. The ratings and reviews of the course


Then, we reached out to the top industry experts and presented them with these courses. They reviewed these individual online nail tech classes, used their experience and understanding, and finally gave us these top 8 nail technician classes online. So, now, let us get started and address these online nail tech classes one by one.


Table of Contents


8 Best Online Nail Technician Courses

Expert Nail Technician Course

Ranked on top of our list is this Udemy course. It has a rating of 4.7 and is indeed one of the best online nail technician courses. This one is indeed one of the most detailed and comprehensive courses for students wanting to learn all about nail art and nail designs. After completing the course, you will be in a position to impress your clients with new and creative designs and art.


What will you learn?

You can expect to learn a bundle of things from this course. A few of them have been listed below:


  1. Vital knowledge on nail preparation and structure
  2. Advanced understanding of nail color composition and combination
  3. Thematic designs that can be used anywhere
  4. Fantastic designs, such as textured look, ombre, line art, and others
  5. Avoiding work-related injuries
  6. Dealing with clients who have allergies
  7. Detailed understanding of sanitary conditions
  8. Correct coffin sculpting, oil, and almond nail shapes


What do you need?

Though this is one of the beginner-level nail technician course, there are a few prerequisites before taking this course apart from a willingness to learn something new. So, before you start with these online nail tech classes; you must have the following:

  1. Any hard gel system of your choice.
  2. Essential tools required for nail art, such as lamps, brushes, and alike
  3. Ability to learn new styles


Is this course right for you?

This is one of the best online nail technician courses and comes with varying difficulty levels. So, this makes the course suitable for new and aspiring nail technicians and even the established ones.


Why is this one of the best online nail technician courses?

This is one of the best online nail technician courses because you will learn with three renowned experts, and the primary instructor for this course is Liliya Saxon. She is a veteran in the nail industry and has taught more than four hundred students.


Also, it is not a product-specific course. So, you can pick the products you like from any brand of your choice.


Further, it includes the most comprehensive online nail tech classes. So, with it, you get a detailed 6.5 hours of on-demand video, four downloadable resources, and one article. In addition, everything in this course comes with complete lifetime access on TV and mobile. More so, you will have access to newer updates in the future from your instructor.


Since it is a 100% risk-free course, it comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Lastly, after you complete this course, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.


Reviews by Chelsea Hawkes:

I love my courses so far! My instructor tells me what is supposed to be in comparison to her own experience which gives me a sense of reality. I cannot wait to get the the practical part, practice and get my certificate

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Nail Technician

The next online nail tech classes are presented to you by International Open Academy. In this course, the industry experts will teach you everything that is to know to become a nail technician. Learning from this course will help you grow in the beauty business.


Is this course right for you?

These online nail tech classes are perfect for anyone who aspires to learn and grow in the industry. From hometown weddings to high fashion, the demand for nail technicians is everywhere. So, if you want to expand your career, this is the perfect course. Even the beauty bloggers who aspire to accentuate their skills for personal use will find this course helpful.


What do you need?

To take these online nail tech classes you do not need any new skills. Anyone wanting to start a new career will find this the perfect course. Lastly, anyone who is working in any industry but which to enter the nail industry will also find this an ideal course.


Topics covered

The topics included in these online nail tech classes.


Module 1: General Care Of Hands

  1. Skin Types
  2. Nail disorder
  3. Hand exercise
  4. Creams and suitable products


Module 2: Manicure Procedure


Module 3: Pedicure


Module 4: Nail Art

  1. Types of nail polish
  2. Tools you need and how to add decorations
  3. Products on the market


Module 5: Gel & Shellac Manicure

  1. Gel Nails
  2. Step-by-step instructions for sculpted gel nails with a French manicure.
  3. Maintaining and filling:
  4. Shellac Style Nails
  5. Steps for applying Shellac


Why have we included it in the best online nail tech classes list?

These are one of the best online nail tech classes because the course will equip you with all the knowledge required to work at a top-end nail salon. Further, anyone who aspires to enter the nail salon industry and be an entrepreneur will also find these classes helpful.


You can use the information from this course to start a YouTube channel, beauty blog, and Instagram account. So, you can be a vital part of the team of high-end fashion catwalks, movies, TV, fashion spreads, stylists for photoshoots, hairstylists, and makeup artists.


Further, these online nail tech classes can fetch you a certificate of completion. However, to achieve this certificate, you will be required to complete every lesson through and through. There are also practical questions in the course, which you will have to answer to complete the module.


Only if your pass rate is over fifty-five percent will you bag a certificate of completion as a show of recognition of your achievement. This is a downloadable certificate, and you can find the PDF from IOA.


Another aspect of these online nail tech classes is earning you credits via Continuing Education (CE) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD). These credits are widely acknowledged and recognized by academic institutions and professional member bodies globally, especially across the US.

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Nail Artistry Certification

Next on our online nail technician course list is a course by the New Skills Academy.


What will you learn?

Here is a list of things that you will learn with this course:


  1. Knowledge of what precisely a nail technician does
  2. Understanding of the distinct skin layers and their role in nail technology.
  3. Clarity on the basics of nail anatomy.
  4. Tips for growing your nails
  5. Hygiene and safety tips associated with nail business.
  6. The right way to consult and guide your clients and give them precise instructions on caring for the nails.
  7. Performing a manicure from the supplies
  8. Shaping the nails to achieve the required results
  9. Performing a perfect pedicure.
  10. Knowledge on the false nails

  11. Importance of arm and hand massage in the nail appointment as an added service
  12. Understanding everything that is to know about the gel nails
  13. Importance of base coat
  14. Importance of different designs
  15. Nail maintenance tips to make the manicures and pedicures last longer
  16. Health and hygiene tips to keep the workstation clean
  17. Everything that is to know about salon management
  18. Tips to get started with a salon business set a mobile business, or work as a nail expert
  19. Marketing, merchandising, and pricing in the salon
  20. Understanding the staffing
  21. Insightful understanding of CRM to assure the highest satisfaction levels
  22. The vitality of record-keeping


Is this the right course for you?

This online nail technician course is fantastic and perfect for anyone interested in making a mark in this career. Further, anyone who is already a part of the nail industry but wishes to find success, in the long run, will also benefit from this course.


What do you need?

This is a comprehensive online nail technician course, which has five informative modules. The course will take about twenty hours for you to complete. So, you must have that time and patience to complete the course.


Why is this one of the best online nail tech classes?

In these classes, you will find more than just a theoretical layout of the concepts. The instructor will share with you helpful illustrations, instructional videos, vital advice, and an array of how-to instructions to ensure that you have all the information you need to take this course.


Further, you will have absolute access to online support as you begin your own business and need help with everything from finding clients to marketing your business.


It is an affordable course with 100% online teaching. So, it provides you with the ability to study and learn from the comfort of your home. With internet access, you can literally view this course anytime and anywhere.


Once you are through with the course, you will earn yourself a certificate of completion. There is also an exam included, and you will have to clear the exam to earn a certificate. The course comes with lifetime access. So, you can always go back and revise the content.

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Nail Salon from home

The next online nail technician course on our list is an Udemy course. It has a rating of 3.9.


What will you learn?

Some of the things that this online nail technician course will teach you are listed below:


  1. Creating an income stream by performing an array of nail treatments
  2. Performing a basic nail manicure
  3. Preparing UV polish application for nails
  4. Application of the UV nail polish professionally
  5. Removing UV nail polish
  6. Knowledge of turning the new skills into a business


What do you need?

Everything that is required to take this online nail technician course will be found in the setup lessons.


Is this the right online nail technician course for you?

This online nail technician course is ideal for anyone who wishes to start a career in the nail industry. Regardless of the skills and experience you possess, this course is perfect for you.


Why is it the best nail technician course?

This is the best nail technician course because it comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like what you learn, you can reach out to Udemy and get your refund. It is a short course and has 36 minutes of on-demand video. The course also has four minutes of on-demand audio and eight articles with lifetime access on your TV and mobile.


Upon completion of the course, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.


Reviews by Clare David:

Very comprehensive, yes engaging but would have liked it to have a little more pitch and pace but by no means is a big deal as she is clearly very dedicated to a skill she loves and wants to share. Highly recommended

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Online Education for Nail Care Professionals

Nail Care Academy has a bundle of online nail tech courses for all skill levels and experiences. You can pick a course as per your requirements.


Why have we included this course in our best nail tech courses list?

It is a 100% online nail tech course. So, professionals with a hectic schedule who aspire to learn and get equipped with nail art skills will love this course. The Nail Academy platform provides you with the most updated and latest information with regular updates. So, you will get equipped with newer skills now and then.


Also, after you have paid for this course once, you can expect repeated new content addition, now and then. The course is designed and crafted by the recognized top nail experts. It is also backed by experienced CFCNs, nationally honored podiatrists, and board-certified foot surgeons.


Another incredible feature of the classes from Nail Care Academy is that you can view their course on all the devices, irrespective of the size. So, you can always view their sessions on the go and in any medium, as desired. In addition, they have a cheerful support team. So, if you have any questions, you can reach out to them and seek answers to your queries.


What will you learn?

Here is a rundown of five of the best courses from Nail Care Academy, and their learnings in brief:


ANT Certification Program

Anyone who wishes to start a successful career in the nail industry can take this course.


FNT Certification Program

This will take the predecessor ANT course to the next level. It is the course wherein you study and learn to grow your knowledge base to provide your clients with hygienic and safe services.


NA MNT Program

If you wish to grow and equip yourself with the latest cosmetic services in the medical setting as a nail technician, this can be your go-to course.


Nailcare Academy Internship Program

This course will provide you with a 40-hour internship with a foot care medical provider to teach you everything that is to know about foot spas and pedicures.


Cosmetic Foot Care

This course is meant for podiatrists or medical providers who aspire to become foot care specialists.


Reviews by Jesie Sicklesteel:

As a nail tech, I love that throughout this program any questions, concerns, or problems I had, the team is always available to help us. I also really like the FB page. So much encouragement. TY Nailcare Academy. I picked the Best school out there!!! Hands down!

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Nail Art

Your instructor for this online nail tech course is Imani, who will teach you the easiest way to execute and impressive designs. Thanks to this online nail tech course, you will be prepared to dip your nails in the colorful and vibrant world of nail art.


Why is this the best online nail tech course?

This is the best online course for nail tech because, in this course, you will be studying with Imani, who has been in the nail industry for more than twenty-three years. Also, she has been working with pop stars and celebrities for a little over five years. So, she has all the knowledge of what is in vogue.


What will you learn?

There is an array of things that you will learn with this online nail tech course.


  1. How to shape the nails after applying.
  2. Importance of the base color
  3. Beginner-level nail techniques, such as making clouds, dots, and rose quartz.
  4. Intermediate-level nail techniques, such as color grades, shattered glass, and festival nails
  5. Advanced nail art techniques, such as flames and old English letters.


Is this the right course for you?

This course intends to take you from the beginner to the advanced level. So, anyone, regardless of their skill and knowledge, will benefit from this course.


Anyone who aspires to start a career in the nail industry or advance their skills will benefit from this course. In addition, however, the fashionistas, creative enthusiasts, bloggers, and aspiring nail artists who wish to design new looks now and then will widely benefit from this course.

Reviews by Joy Jones:

My teacher was Awesome! She was encouraging and made me feel like i could do it. Even if I messed up! She would show you how to make the mistake look beautiful. I could never give up cause she was such an encouraging person. This was my first class and if all of the teachers are like her I don’t know why anyone can’t use this service! Thank you so much! Good job!

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Nail technician, acrylic nail courses
This is another bestseller online nail tech course. The course has a rating of 4.6 and is one of the most comprehensive nail technician classes online. Your instructor for this course has developed this course using a unique Maryna Ranchynska technology.


What will you learn?

Here is a list of things that this online nail tech course will teach you.


  1. Tips to avoid work-related injuries when prepping the nails for extensions
  2. Making nails of every length to form the ideal acrylic nail shape.
  3. Vital knowledge of nail preparation and structure
  4. How to do fast and the proper nail filling
  5. Being prompt while performing nail extensions
  6. The right use of every material and tool
  7. Detailed knowledge of the different shapes of nails
  8. Different tools used in the nail industry
  9. Colors of the notches
  10. Refilling of the artificial nails
  11. Sculpting in almond and square shapes


What do you need?

For these nail technician classes online, there are some prerequisites. Here is a rundown of the required tools:


  1. Manicure tools
  2. Nail kit of any brand for nail extensions
  3. LED lamp, 48W power
  4. Acrylic brushes – numbers 8, 9, and 10.
  5. Electric file – 30k-35k rotation per minute
  6. Willingness to design stunning nails


Who should take this course?

These nail technician classes online are perfect for pro and aspiring nail enthusiasts who wish to advance their skills and knowledge. Freelancers and beauty salon workers will also gain a lot of knowledge from this course.


Why is this the best online nail tech course?

This is the best online nail tech course because it comes with no risk. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you do not like what you learn, you can reach out to Udemy, and they will refund your money.


The course comes with 2 hours of on-demand video, one article, and one downloadable resource, and all the resources come with lifetime access. It is a 100% online course. You can view it on the go on TV and mobile. With every video, there are multiple assignments. These will give you a thorough practice of the learnings. Upon course completion, you will earn a certificate of completion.


Reviews by Maria:

I really understand it. You explained everything in details. It was very easy to follow and understand looking forward to more of your training.

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Nail Technician

Now, we have reached the end of our nail technician classes online. The last one here is a professional online course that provides you the essential tips that can help you start your own nail salon. This course will open an array of career prospects for you. After completing this course, you will have substantial knowledge to work as a nail technician and a manicurist.


Who should take this course?

These nail technician classes online are ideal for anyone who aspires to work as a nail technician or start up their own nail salon. Further, anyone who wishes to take a full-time job in a nail parlor will also benefit from this course. More so, makeup enthusiasts or stylists, too, will find this course exceptionally beneficial. Upon taking this course, you have all the possibilities to progress in your career.


What will you learn?

Some of the things that this online nail tech course will teach you are:


  1. Functions and responsibilities of a nail artists
  2. Nail designing
  3. Applying the nail extensions
  4. Application decoration of the false nails
  5. Knowledge of the safety and hygiene tips to be afoot and hand consultant
  6. Nail growth process
  7. Physiology and anatomy of skin
  8. Marketing of your nail salon
  9. Nail-tip types
  10. Nail art and customization
  11. Client consultation
  12. Nail enhancement removal
  13. Nail health and hygiene
  14. The Fiber System and Maintenance
  15. Gel System
  16. Manicure


What do you need?

It is a 100% online course. So, you will require a stable internet connection and the device on which you will view the course, such as a laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile. In addition, the course is 8-hour long. So, it would help if you had the time and willingness to complete the course.


Why is this the best course?

It is the best course because there is no risk involved. If you do not like what is taught, you can reach out to the platform and seek your refund.

If you are an enthusiast for Crocheting, here are some online crochet lessons you would enjoy!

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So, these are the top eight best online nail technician courses. We have tried to cover everything that is to know about these courses here. If you need more knowledge, you can browse through the attached links. Have more course suggestions? Do let us know in the comments below. Happy learning!


Best Online Nail Tech Classes

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