8 of the Best Copywriting Courses to Make You a Wordsmith (2020 Edition)

Writing will always be a skill in high demand in every aspect of business.

Marketing. Sales. Customer Service. Leadership. You name it. Excellent writing skills will give you a big advantage in any of these paths. People understand the true impact writing has on day to day communications in various settings.

A unique type of writing, which we all know as copywriting, is also in high demand as more businesses rely on copywriters to drive their content marketing efforts.

This is why there are so many copywriting courses available online.

What Is a Copywriting Course?

This is pretty self-explanatory. A copywriting course breaks down the fundamentals of writing copy in the context of marketing and other business materials. Unlike editorial writing or other forms of writing, copywriting is geared toward persuasion and influence, guiding website visitors along the buyer’s journey.

Students who take copywriting courses learn the process of producing and delivering content that is meant to guide readers to take a particular action, like engage with a company, download a content offer, subscribe for a newsletter, or make a purchase.

Who Should Take Copywriting Courses?

The answer is easy – anyone looking to up their writing skills.


More specifically, there are many people who can benefit from these courses, such as the following:

  • An aspiring copywriter
  • A copywriter who wants to improve their skills or touch up on the basics
  • A content marketing professional responsible for overseeing content teams
  • Anyone in leadership who approves copy for their marketing and sales collateral

Understanding the process of using words and content to encourage action is incredibly valuable for anyone involved in marketing and sales.

What Skills Do You Need To Be a Copywriter?

Copywriters are a driving force in the digital marketing world. They are an essential component of every business, thanks to the many skills they possess.

The best copywriters exhibit these skills:

Writing and Editing

This is a no brainer. Copywriting professionals have a strong understanding of language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and editing.

They can use their words to evoke emotions, grab attention, break down complicated topics into simple explanations, and adopt a unique voice and style.

A Great Eye for Research

Researching really boils down to understanding what information you need, where to look for it, and how to find it in an efficient manner. Copywriting comes with a high volume of output, so great copywriters know how to find the answers they need in no time.

This usually goes hand in hand with their ability to navigate search engines and properly screen for credible, authoritative sources.

The Drive to Innovate

Content is everywhere, and the digital marketing world is going to continue getting more competitive. This is where creativity and innovation come in handy.

Creating content that is new and takes a unique angle on a popular topic is challenging, but top notch writers can publish interesting new takes that stand out from the crowd. Plus, they can turn boring topics into fun, engaging content.

Empathy and Understanding

Stepping into the shoes of your reader is so important because it allows you to connect with them on an emotional level in a profound way. You can explore how they feel about a particular topic or subject.

With that deep level of understanding, you can then create copy that is influential and can persuade them to take a particular action. In terms of marketing, that means you will see a big boost in conversions.

Attention to Detail

This ties in with writing and editing. Great copywriters can see the forest through the trees, taking the big picture (the goal of their copy) into consideration while delivering insightful, persuasive copy and ensuring every detail works together.

They can spot typos, grammatical errors, and gaps in thought. They know how to create flow between various ideas and talking points, creating a seamless reading experience that is both enjoyable and effective.

A Deep Understanding of Marketing

Knowing the ins and outs of content marketing gives copywriters context behind everything they do. By truly connecting with the why, they can better execute their day to day responsibilities.


They can think like marketers, setting clear goals for every piece of content and analyzing results to continue optimizing their efforts. This ultimately helps them become more strategic in their writing.

How to Become a Better Copywriter

No matter where you are in your copywriting journey, there are plenty of ways you can improve your skills. Here are some tips on upping your game.

Embrace the Shitty First Draft.

Don’t let the blinking cursor make you lock up with writer’s block. The best way to write great content is to just start writing.

That’s it. Structure your outline, then just write a first draft with your thoughts fleshed out. From there, you can do a second draft, trim the fat, refine it, then do a final proofread and publish.

Find a Flow That Works for You.

Creative work is an energy drain, which is why you should find a way to manage your time and break up your writing.

There are so many ways writers like to break up their workday. For example, the Pomodoro technique calls for taking five minute breaks every 25 minutes. The idea is to help you maximize the time you have on the task at hand while also giving you necessary break times.

Remember You Write for Humans.

Copywriters pay close attention to keyword usage and other SEO aspects to ensure their content ranks well. But it’s important to remember who the real audience is – real people who have a lot in common with your buyer personas.

You are not just writing for search engine bots. Make sure your copy is conversational and authentic to the voice and tone of your company.

Get to Know What You’re Selling.

It’s hard to be persuasive if you’re not entirely sure what you’re encouraging readers to do or how the solution you’re selling is beneficial. You need to identify how products or services can alleviate the pain points of your target audience.

Spend time learning about your products or services and writing descriptions, highlighting what’s unique about each product and they add value to your audience.

Diversify Your Reading Diet.

It’s important to stay in tune with your industry, but don’t stick to one area. You should read a broad range of different styles of writing and different formats.

Novels. Short fiction. Newspapers. Magazines. Cookbooks. Whatever interests you, put in the time to read it. Overall, this will help you become a better communicator.

Study How to Create Headlines.

A great headline is a big differentiator – you’ll either generate a lot of traffic and have a kickass click-through rate or your blog will stagnate and fall in rankings as searchers bypass you.

Test out headlines, and study the latest research on what it takes to write captivating headlines. Over time, you will learn what it takes to entice readers.

Practice the Art of Persuasion.

Persuasion is the process of trying to influence a person’s behaviors and thoughts about an idea or object. You can persuade through communication by delivering educational information and using reasoning to try to change their perspective and guide their actions.


You can be persuasive by highlighting the benefits of your product or service, describing the value proposition, breaking down the key features, and ending with a direct, impactful call to action.

The more practice (the more you write copy), the better you’ll get at being persuasive.

8 of the Best Copywriting Courses

There are so many great opportunities to educate yourself nowadays, thanks to the massive selection of online courses. But you only have so much time (and money) to spend on improving your copywriting skills.

Here are eight of the top choices for writing courses available online. 

1. The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting


From the American Writers & Artists Inc., this course is widely respected as one of the most popular copywriting courses ever. It’s self-paced and designed to be hands on. In other words, you’re actually putting in the work while learning. 

Price: $497.00

2. Copywriting Essentials and Copywriting Advanced Courses

The Association for Data-Driven Marketers and Advertisers offers two excellent courses for beginners and veterans. 

The Copywriting Essentials Course consists of four modules over the course of eight to 10 hours, covering the fundamentals of copywriting. It’s available online as well as in person. 

Price: $450.00 for members. $595 for non-members.

The Copywriting Advanced Course, only available in person, builds on the essentials course and offers more advanced techniques. 

Price: $650.00 for members. $895 for non-members.

3. Copywriting Portfolio School


This Creative Circus program is perfect for those interested in making a career in advertising. Not only will you learn the basics of ad copy, but you’ll also build a portfolio as you complete it. 

Some classes in the program include Developing Your Voice, Professional Practices, and Long Scripts. 

Price: RSVP for a quote.

4. Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups

This course focuses strictly on how to influence decision makers and drive sales. While the course doesn’t directly touch on copywriting, it is designed (and continually updated) by veteran copywriter Len Smith.

Note that this is designed with startup founders and entrepreneurs in mind, so if that aligns with your professional goals, this is your perfect choice. 

Price: $180

5. SEO Copywriting Certification

Hosted by SuccessWorks, this course takes place over three months (with lifetime access to materials). Students get the best of both worlds – learning how to write persuasive copy and understanding how to apply SEO best practices. 

Courses cover everything from learning how to research properly, driving click-through rates, and building keyword strategies to measuring SEO success. 

Price: $995.00

6. Conversion Copywriting 101


Another great option for learning the fundamentals, this course by CopyHackers features copywriting professionals discussing basic skills and discussing other important topics, like how to write for landing pages and how to make the most of copy in Google Ads. 

Simply put, you can gain a ton of value from this free video course.

Price: Free

7. Kopywriting Kourse

Created by AppSumo’s chief copywriter, this course is a comprehensive look at many copywriter duties, like structuring scripts, training employees, and email automation. 

Price: $291 per three months or $750 per year

8. The Landing Page Conversion Course

This course is led by Unbounce’s co-founder Oli Gardner and features several other marketing thought leaders, like Rand Fishkin and Brian Clark.

Students get 11 email lessons that focus on all aspects related driving conversions, writing strong calls to action, and managing lead capture forms. 

Price: Free

Best Copywriting Software Options

Aside from taking copywriting courses, you can also invest in awesome software tools to help you with various aspects of your writing. 

For Ideation

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator is free and easy to use. Simply add a few keywords and phrases, and the tool delivers a list of potential blog titles. 

For Editing

Grammarly can be used everywhere, including email platforms, document management software, and social media. Once you install the associated plug-in, you will get automated correction suggestions so you never miss a typo or error again. 

For Checking Readability

One of the best ways to ensure your copy is easy to digest – plug it into Hemingway Editor. This tool grades your readability and makes highlights with suggested updates. 

For Collaboration

Copywriters and editors always work together on content teams. Google Docs is the best for collaboration. You can make suggestions, leave comment threads, and share documents easily in real time. 

For Wordsmithing

Wordsmithing is the process of making minor changes to improve style and clarity of a particular piece of content. Use Thesaurus.com to brainstorm ideas for better ways to express certain ideas. 

For Headlines

Crack the code of writing clickable headlines using the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. It provides feedback with just one click, showing you where to improve each headline to drive clicks. 

For Avoiding Plagiarism

It’s never too safe to check your work to prevent any allegations of plagiarism. Dupli Checker allows you to drop text into a box or even upload files and webpage URLs to check for potential plagiarism. 

For Big Projects

The ultimate tool for longer form content, Scrivener helps you properly manage your research materials and provides many features that make outlining big projects easy. 

With the right courses and tools at your disposal, you’re well equipped to improve your copywriting skills. You’re ready to start driving more traffic and boosting conversion in no time!

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