80 Restaurant Logo Ideas for Mouthwatering Branding

Designing a logo for your restaurant, food blog, recipe book or food app is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business. Customers eat with their eyes and amazing restaurant branding help your restaurant profile stand out in a food delivery app like Uber Eats, or when customers are searching reviews on Trip Advisor to find the latest London pop up restaurant.

Whether you’re opening a BBQ restaurant, sushi bar, starting up a burger truck, coffee shop chain, pastry shop or a catering business – image matters. Your restaurant logo is the brand and visual identity that your customers will connect with and recall when they’re scrolling through a food ordering app, Googling restaurant reviews, scrolling through social media posts, or stop walking as they see your shop signage.

You only have to consider the outstanding logos of the world’s most famous restaurants to know a fantastic logo design is good for business. If you’re opening a new restaurant or rebranding an existing eaterie, your restaurant logo should be a high priority.


Need a restaurant logo? Why not make a logo you’ll Love. Simply enter your business name and customise any of the thousands of logos generated for you.



Delicious food and excellent service should be paired up with an exciting and mouthwatering restaurant logo design. Use your website, Instagram, Facebook, signage, menu design, business cards and food delivery apps to help customers instantly recognize your restaurant and help your business stand out from the competition.

We’ve curated 80 restuaurant logo ideas we hope hit the spot for your restaurant!

  • Italian restaurant logos
  • Pizza restaurant logos
  • Burger Bar logos
  • Cake logos for dessert bars
  • Modern minimalist logos for hipster restaurants
  • Street food logos
  • Sushi logos, Japanese restuarant logos
  • Cafe logos, coffee shop logos

Key Design Trends: Spoon logos, fork logos, knife logos, plates, and animal logos like fish logos feature in upscale bars and restaurants but also work for street food and fast food chains. Geometrics shapes like circle logos and square logos are common in restaurant logo design. Chef hats and minimalist wordmark logo ideas work well for upmarket eateries and catering services, and cooking pots give an earthy feel to home style eateries.

80 Restaurant Logo Ideas Using Sushi, Fish, Meat, Poultry


Restaurant Logos with Kitchen Icons & Symbols




Plates, Knives and Fork Logos

Street Food and Bars

Catering Company Logos

Greek Restaurant Logos, Japanese Restaurant Logos, Italian Restaurant Logos, BBQ …


Need a restaurant logo for your bar, cafe or pop-up?

People eat with their eyes and the same applies to logo design. Get a professional logo design and use it on your restaurant website, menu design, Instagram and signage, you amplify and maximise exposure for your restaurant, make a lasting impression and earn loyal customers. To get a fantastic logo on a tight budget, we suggest the following options.

Option 1: Hire a professional hospitality logo designer to design a custom restaurant logo design from DesignCrowd. Our global community of talented logo designers will generate hundreds of logo design ideas for your business to help you launch on time!

Option 2: Use an online logo maker. Try BrandCrowd’s restaurant logo maker to create your very own restaurant logo from library of original logo designs you can customize with your business name, colors and fonts or get inspired by these 22 cafés logos. Who knows, you might discover some hidden creative talent in you!

Try these other restaurant logo makers:

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