83 Christmas Appetizers to Keep Hungry Relatives at Bay

Overachievers, we hear you and we see you, but when it comes to Christmas appetizers, our two keywords are easy and achievable. ’Tis the season to actually enjoy your party by choosing Christmas appetizer recipes that are low-lift, crowd-pleasing, and make-ahead-friendly (which ensures you have time to clean the kitchen before your guests arrive). Think cheesy puff pastry pinwheels, spiced pecans, and stovetop spinach dip. Or cook even less: Dress up a cheese board  with fun finger foods like marinated red peppers or festive cheese balls guests can dip into with homemade pimento crackers. 

Whatever you do, remember to minimize stress: Making Christmas dinner for the family is already a big undertaking. Save the savory croquembouche for when you aren’t hosting the in-laws (gah!) and bake a tray of jalapeño popper gougères instead. With the Christmas appetizers taken care of, you can focus on glazing the ham, mashing the potatoes, and—most importantly—drinking.