9 Best Platforms for selling online courses and grow your business

Due to social distancing, people are moving towards online portals. It is believed that earnings from e-courses can become $325 billion by 2025.

Hence, running online course platforms is what one should think about. With good teaching experience and interest in sharing your knowledge, this is an opportunity for people to become Digital Teacher.

There are various technical aspects involved in creating and sell courses online. These are domain and web hosting, website designing, payment gateways, content details, video, and more. Online course platforms consist of such tools. Hence, all you have to do is create the courses which are helpful for students.

The study platforms work as learning management systems (LMS). The students get trained through virtual classes. These are similar to offline classes. Here an independent instructor is educating the students through video, image, text, audio, and PDF files.

Have a look at Platforms for selling online courses

Digital Class – Educational Marketplace

Digital Class is a one stop destination for online courses and educational business, this is India’s first Educational Marketplace For Course seller, Students, Coaching Institute, Schools, College, University, Youtuber, Tutor and Live classes Searching and Reach at one destination.

Here anyone can Teach & Sell their Recorded Courses and Students can buy all types of courses by comparing tutor profile, fees, discount and other features using advance filter option.

Digital Class is for helping those who finding best teachers & courses and  to bring together teachers & students with each other easily on the best Learning App. Digital Class is an online training platform for Empowering Teachers to Build Community worldwide to provide teaching to students in an interactive manner.

It is the future of e-learning and the most beneficial platform for tutors to Sell online courses. The main part to be noted is that tutors can reach the students at a global level by sell courses online in multiple languages.

It can also save your time and you can take sessions from anywhere, at any preferred time. Another benefit of Digital Class world is that whether you are a youtuber, running an institute or having your own education website can use this platform for teaching different education categories.

This will help you earn an additional source of income as you can sell your course online at best price in the market. Through this students can learn different types of online courses from multiple tutors. They can choose the course of their choice and get the certificate.

Digital Class: Website | Android App


Learning sites like Udemy

Udemy is online learning platform which offer great support to people for developing and sell courses online. One needs to become a premium instructor for selling the course on this training platform. Currently, it has an instructor base of around 35,000.

It provides a TeachHub for those who are planning a course. In case you are not sure if your video tutorials are up to the mark, the platform lets you submit them for review.

Hence, in the beginning, when you face challenges Udemy guides you.


Skillshare for teaching new skills

This is another amazing online course selling platform. Photographers, bloggers, and Many other creative people use Skillshare for teaching new skills.

In Skillshare, all classes are around 10-25 minutes long, which partitioned into short videos and they are all pre-recorded and self-paced.

You can create premium classes for free. But to get paid you need to be a member of the premium catalog.

These courses consist of video classes, discussions on topics and projects. Instructors earn royalties for the courses which are viewed.


Thinkific-Udemy alternatives

There are many Udemy alternatives and Thinkfic is one of them. What makes this platform different? It consists of ready to use templates. There is a one-month free trial wherein you can create unlimited courses.

Thinkific provides full-featured course software solution to create, deliver, sell online courses.

This study platform has email marketing tools, advanced pricing options, marketing tools, user-friendly features, course customization options, and more. It gets integrated with other apps for starting a campaign.

You get an SMS when your course is bought online. Also, you can avail of useful tips for creating different courses.



It is a study platform having free as well as premium plans. This platform is quite beneficial for independent instructors who want to nurture a large number of students.

Teachable was one of the first platforms to launch in this categories.

You can launch your course through sales pages and have flexibility in setting up the price of your course.

Through Google forms and surveys you can get the review about your course. Also, without much effort, you can upload the content and videos.



Another great online course selling platform is Ruzuku. It has partnered with payment gateways like PayPal and provides tools like MailChimp.

There is a complete step by step guidance provided for creating online courses.

Thus, it becomes easy for you to launch a course, generate income, and share your expertise among the masses.

There is a discussion forum, quizzes, and much more. Teleconferences, video broadcasts, and email notifications are some of its well-known features.



The University of Michigan and Yoast uses this platform for sharing their courses. It has WordPress integration and a feature called focus mode.

It is a very feature rich platform that was clearly developed by people serious about e-learning.

When students are going through the course, this mode removes all kinds of distractions. If you like the grading system similar to those given in colleges, this platform is beneficial for you. This is because it has an amazing grade book technology.



With just three simple steps, Podia lets you create an online course. It is one of the most used platforms for creating, hosting, and selling the lessons. There is no fee charged but has a transaction cost of 2.9% + 30¢.

You can add pre-launch courses, add coupons, build sales pages, and more. Other features are hosting webinars, running your affiliate programs, and connecting with Facebook groups.

With its basic plan starting at $39 per month (two months free with an annual plan), Podia seems to be rapidly gaining a lot of momentum.



It is one of the best and high-end Online training platforms for selling detailed courses. The features of this platform are creative themes, digital products, tools for up selling, and automatic email marketing. Along with that, you get a blogging facility and unlimited landing pages.

IT has expensive plans but with valuable tools. This platform is helpful for businesses that are quite established and want to try an advanced level application.

The company massively upgraded its webpage builder capabilities in 2019. And in early 2020, Kajabi released kajabi email – powerful visual editor to create attractive, high-converting e-mails fast. 

Bottom Line

If you are planning to earn online or eager to teach new skills or planning to increase your current client base, the above platforms will prove handy. You can select the one according to your needs and purpose. These platforms will help you in promoting your teaching skills and the courses which you have designed.

You must consider a few factors before choosing the study platforms. This would include your budget, technical abilities, time, followers, target audience, and revenue expectation.

First, you must get your course reviewed. You should be clear about what content will work and how you will launch it.

Also, you can migrate the content from one platform to another with or without additional charges. Hence, do proper research before going ahead further.

You must understand that just creating a course is not enough. You need to market it also. Thus, pick the platform which can help in proper marketing.


Which platform is better for online courses?

The best online course platforms allow you to prepare the course with ease and teach the students in less time. Also, it helps in selling the courses through automated mode.
Some of the best platforms for online courses are Digital Class world, Thinkific, Udemy. Teachable and Podia.

To achieve great results you need to create effective course content. You must organize it using the right tools and share it with the students in the best possible way. Thus, you must pick the platform which helps you in the process of online course creation.
For example, if you are planning to sell online courses on photography, you must check out the features like WordPress integrations or the Mailchimp option.

How do I sell a course online?

To sell a course online you must consider the following steps.
Here are some steps to follow
Create valuable course content.
– Audience identification.
– Visit forums where your target learners are.
– The material must be pitched appropriately.

Write compelling content.
– There must be clear why they need to learn it.
– Make it possible to be interactive.
– Don’t write unnecessary content.

Identify the cost involved in developing the course (ideal expense is of $200)
– Check on the expenses for researching
– Content development
– marketing

List down the software and equipment required for course development.

– Microphones
– Webcam
– Editing software
– Headphones

Differentiate your course
– Do one thing but nicely
– A special feature
– The audience should get a learning path
– Course completion certificates

– Creating a website
– Using social media platforms

Set pricing and strategies of your course selling brand

Integrate with tools like Mailchimp, WordPress, and such.

Which app is best for online teaching?

This is the era of using apps whether it is for playing or teaching. When you are an independent instructor using these apps becomes more than necessary. It has helped in converting mobile phones into virtual classrooms.

There are various apps like Digital Class, Udemy, Google Classroom, and edX which you can choose from. These educational apps have made teaching simpler and interesting. You can find that such apps consist of advanced learning management software.

The benefit of using online teaching apps is you can use new learning techniques, interactive teaching, and unlimited access to online courses.

How much does it cost to develop an online course?

Online course development involves complex procedures. Also, the price for course creation differs according to the platform which you select. Other factors that can affect your cost are the content of the course, software used, and the industry price.

On average developing e-Learning content of 1 hour would cost around $8,150-$36,205. A skilled developer may take less time to develop it with a cost of less than 30% of the actual cost. Hence, you must also see what should be the length of the course and how many mediums you are using for sharing it.

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