9 of the best brunch spots in Dayton

    The Dayton metro area has so many great brunch spots, you never get bored of their selections. In no particular order, here’s our picks of brunch spots unique to the Dayton metro area.

    Few things can rouse us on a weekend morning, but brunch is one of them. Arguably one of the best events ever thought up, brunch is that magical meal that helps to revive you after a long, fun night out on the town, refuels you with unreal amounts of food, and provides a great venue for friends to recap the night before and groan about the impending week. Oh, and a little hair of the dog with a mimosa or Bloody Mary never hurt, right?

  • Lily’s Bistro

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 1

    Crab cakes benedict. Source: Facebook

    329 E 5th St., Dayton, (937) 723-7637 Lily’s patios in the Oregon District are a perfect way to decompress after a long night out, especially when you order the breakfast burrito with kielbasa and peppers with your mimosa. And though we may be far from New Orleans, their beignets bring a little bit of Bourbon Street to your backyard. Drool over their menu here.

  • Winds Cafe

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 3

    Freshly baked scones. Source: Facebook

    215 Xenia Ave, Yellow Springs, (937) 767-1144

    The casual decadence of Winds is the perfect environment to start your day. And it certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re chowing down on their delicious take on shrimp and grits. Take a drive out of town and indulge here.

  • Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 4

    Source: Facebook

    520 E 5th St., Dayton, (937) 222-6800 So… beer-battered chicken and waffles. Need we say more? Lucky’s brunch packs a punch whether you’re a meat-eater or vegetarian — the avocado and goat cheese BLT with seitan strips will make you swear you’re eating bacon. Get your belly grumbling here.

  • Meadowlark Restaurant

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 5

    Freshly baked bread. Source: Facebook

    5531 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, (937) 434-4750 If you’re a seafood for breakfast kind of person, then we hope you’ve already fallen in love with the Hangtown Fry, which combines eggs with breaded oysters and bacon. For the veggies, the mushroom omelette is a must-try. Delight your palette with the menu here.

  • Christopher’s Restaurant and Catering

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 6

    Country breakfast bowl. Source: Facebook

    2318 E Dorothy Ln, Kettering, (937) 299-0089 Christopher’s provides large portions of great quality food at the right prices. Cater them for your early morning work meeting and make all of your coworkers’ days a little brighter. Try anything with the veggie gravy on top. You won’t be disappointed. Start deciding your meal here.

  • The Trolley Stop

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 7

    Bloody Mary bar. Source: Facebook

    530 E 5th St, Dayton, (937) 461-1101 You thought the Trolley Stop was only a good spot for night time adventures? Think again! We’ve got four words for you: Bloody Mary/Mimosa Bar. You’re welcome. The Stop’s small brunch menu belies the quality of its offerings — check out the cheesy potato casserole, and order Nutella with everything. Their brunch menu is not online, but build up your appetite here. here.

  • Tank’s Bar and Grill

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 8

    Tankburger. Photo by: Connie Post, Dayton Daily News

    2033 Wayne Ave, Dayton, (937) 252-2249 Are you ready to eat more than you ever thought was possible in one sitting? No one will judge; we’re all in the same boat at Tank’s. Play it safe by splitting a plate of face-size pancakes with a friend (or three) and order a “girlie size” of Biscuits and “Bull Dog” gravy, made with Oakwood possum. You’re raising one eyebrow, but we swear it’s delicious. And of course, the Tankburger is always a feat to defeat. Check out the rest of the menu here.

  • Mudlick Tap House

    10 of the best brunch spots in Dayton, item 9

    Egg, bacon, and cheese bagel. Source: Facebook

    3 E Market St, Germantown, (937) 895-4066 Mudlick’s “Boozy Brunch” is not to be messed with. Whether you choose the braised beef and parmesan grits or go with dessert for breakfast with the bread pudding, be prepared to leave fully sated and more than a little euphoric. Choose your noms here.