9 Online Video Editing Courses to Become Video Creator

Are you planning to take online video editing courses that can add value to your career, and strengthen your skills? Buckle up to upskill with suitable courses.

Videos have become one of the most popular ways to interact with the audience and keep them hooked. Be it animation designer, cinematographer, YouTuber, director, or Instagramer, everyone is looking forward to the videos for online cooking tutorials, education channels, beauty tutorials, online courses, etc.

However, coming up with a perfect video is not as easy as shooting it. Several aspects are included to develop the final product, such as editing and adding audio. It requires users to acquire a few skills to build a new video. The skills require editing, layering, transitions, cutting, etc., on specific software.

Video editing evolves with continuous streaming, consistent hard word, and strategic planning. The courses come with several features such as:

  • Learning different types of content for other platforms
  • Complete editing landscape to understand the techniques
  • To understand the skills like Content marketing, video marketing, film production, and video production
  • High-quality content to get great earnings and target a large audience.

Let’s cut to the chase with these online video editing courses that can help strengthen your skills.

Complete Filmmaker Guide

The 5-hours course covered pre-production to editing, giving the experience of filmmaking. This course is ideal for video bloggers, immediate YouTubers, editors, filmers, etc. The Complete Filmmaker Guide: Become an Incredible Video Creator covers all the significant aspects that include:

  • Creating incredible videos from scratch
  • Understanding of shooting, conceptualizing, and editing
  • Producing content using inexpensive equipment and online video maker
  • Mastery over lighting, editing, lenses, cinematography, and sound recording
  • Understanding filmmaking principles, theories, and ideas
  • Gaining knowledge of timeless video principles

Complete Filmmaker Guide Become an Incredible Video Creator

The course covers creative aspects such as personal & creative skill development with clarity of video production, life map or progress tracking, optimizing daily routine, self-discovery, and emulating success. It offers an understanding of pre-processing, production secrets, and post-production mastering.

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

If you want to learn tools and gain proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro, this course can be an excellent start. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners offers unlimited access to the candidates. The topics covered in this course are:

  • Basic editing
  • Organize clips
  • Custom animation
  • Digital video
  • Transition
  • Templates
  • Text and graphics
  • Speed ramping
  • Toolbox
  • Export settings
  • Audio effects
  • Visual effects
  • Color correction

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

The course covers the fundamentals of Adobe Premiere Pro and showcases creative tasks. The candidates can create custom texts, graphics, mix audio from music, speech, and sound effects, perform basic edits, and multiple layers, arrange clips, and export videos with proper settings.

Video Editing Basics

Video Editing Basics by Great Learning is a beginner-level certification course that contains one quiz and 1.5-hours of video content. It offers a brief understanding of post-production and how to edit the videos. The candidates can understand the fundamentals of video editing, resources, process, jargon, and career options.

The candidates can sharpen their video editing skills such as creating a video, Premiere Pro, and video editing. Upon completion, the candidate will obtain the Great Learning certificate that one can share on LinkedIn, including CVs, resumes, and documents.

Video Editing Course Online

The Video Editing Course Online by Viso Learning helps practice the short movie using Davinci Resolve. The course will help candidates work on color gradients, learn green screens with Delta Keyer or Chroma Key, add transition, special effects, understand tracing effects, layer nodes, study syncing audio, add text, animations, and add background music.

Video Editing Course Online

The course content includes:

  • Cut Tab
  • Media Tab
  • Project Settings
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Making Ins and Outs
  • Trim Modes
  • Smart Editing Tools
  • Sync Audio
  • Overlay Edits
  • Adding Effects
  • Working with Transitions
  • Mixing Audio
  • Understanding Nodes
  • Color Tab
  • Adding Texts
  • Tracing Effects
  • Fusion Tab
  • Delivery Tab
  • Cinematic Look
  • Delta Keyer
  • Chroma Key

The motive of this professional video course is to guide the candidates to understand several edits, trims, and tools helping them to edit videos.

Video Production Masterclass

The Video Production Masterclass: Beginner to Pro Video Creation course by Udemy helps the vlogger, filmmaker, cinematographer, journalist, and YouTubers to create stunning videos. The candidates can deep-dive into lighting and learn sound for the videos.

Video Production Masterclass Beginner to Pro Video Creation

Candidates will learn:

  • Creating videos from scratch
  • Recording professional audios
  • Storytelling
  • Editing engaging videos
  • Using lighting to enhance the quality of video
  • Capturing video beauty on camera
  • Choosing right equipment

Phil Ebiner and Mitchell Bouchard are the lead instructors of the 17+ hours of video content teaching to make short films, YouTube videos, Netflix quality films, etc. The course also includes lifetime updates to course material, premium support from instructors, practice files for the candidates, and a 40+ downloadable page workbook.

As the name suggests, the Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling course by Coursera showcases digital stories. It covers the fundamental yet comprehensive approach offering a solid foundation of the digital story components.

teaching story telling

The candidates will come up with tutorials illustrating the elements and additional readings. It will cover:

  • Introduction to storytelling
  • Fundamental factors in creating a digital story
  • Choosing a topic as per the purpose of the story
  • Creating a storyboard or writing a script
  • Character development, resolution, and tension
  • A step-by-step approach to image illustration
  • Recording devices and software as the critical component of digital storytelling

The course process the digital story with an image and simple script. This beginner-level is a free web-based video editing program offering an understanding of the digital stories to the students.

Create Training Videos with Powtoon

This course by Coursera will help give a good understanding of the Powtoon tool to the users. Create Training Videos with Powtoon will allow users to edit text, transition, animation, and props in Powtoon, offering hands-on experience. The beginner-friendly tool will offer:

  • Adding additional to the presentation
  • Engaging and educating the desired audience
  • Designing an effective presentation
  • Gaining knowledge of graphics and text
  • Developing visually enhanced videos
  • Editing and designing content
  • Creating new scene

Powtoon offers several presentation options that can help video designers and animators develop better quality.

Create Training Videos with Powtoon

Grow Your Video Editing Skills

The course by Pluralsight will help grow your video editing skills, offering entire video production. It will help in mastering and restoring audio, video editing software, and learning a new skillset. The course comes with two primary video editing paths: Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Video and Audio Production.

It will help in offering a 360-degree view on Premiere Pro CC video, Photoshop CC, Premiere Pro CC multi-camera, Photoshop CC intelligent objects, and whatnot. The aim is to level up in the video editing career with interactive courses and assessments.

Creative Video Editing Techniques

Creative Video Editing Techniques is an ideal course for beginners covering video editing techniques. The course will cover the rules and conventions of the field, editing cinematic storytelling, and setting the stage. The course will include:

  • Editing techniques such as complexity and continuity editing
  • Understanding of parallel editing, match cut, cutting on action, etc.
  • Gaining knowledge of smash cut, montage, jump cut, etc.
  • A creative transition such as wipes and dissolves

It will illustrate real-world examples offering an understanding of creative editing, complexity editing, and continuity editing.


These are excellent online video editing courses popular in the market, whether you want to learn video or audio editing as a hobby or side hustle. Once you are done with the courses, you can kickstart designing video editing with offline and online tools.