About D.O.M


At first, the exotic shone. A young chef, a former punk and DJ, using domestic ingredients? "We lack someone who is proud of our cuisine like Villa-Lobos was proud of our music", he used to say at the beginning of his new journey. It took a few years for the specialized media to realize that something serious was happening there. After a successful season being in charge of the restaurant Namesa, at the end of 1999 chef Alex Atala would mark, and at the same time revolutionize, the history of gastronomy in the country by means of an audacious project: the creation of a contemporary restaurant of authorial cuisine that would rescue the flavours of Brazilian cuisine and unveil new ingredients not much explored at the time as açaí, pupunha and cupuaçu. So the curious aspects gave place to the acknowledgment of what is real: a mature chef, a researcher, and a champion of Brazilian cuisine devoted to its noblest, more contemporary, and ethereal production. The result: D.O.M. Restaurant. An award-winning and critically acclaimed restaurant that is constantly exciting lovers of haute cuisine with its revelations about the cuisine and ingredients from Brazil.