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The Story Behind Arepa Mia


This story, as most do, begins with my mother and food. The name Arepa Mia is about my heart, my arepas, and my mom.

In Venezuela, my mother made arepas on the streets for more than 25 years. As a young child, I helped her as much as I could. Along the way, I learned more and more about the business and she taught me many recipes. We would go to the arepa stand everyday and sell the arepas that we had made in our home. When we strolled through the market picking out fresh vegetables and meats, I soon realized how much I enjoyed the process of cooking.  As a teenager, I decided that cooking was my passion and that I wanted to share my gift.

When I moved to America, I knew immediately that I wanted to bring the traditional cuisine of my home country here.  I moved to New Orleans in 1998 and eventually ended up in Atlanta and started Arepa Mia through the Atlanta underground market in 2011.  To me, Arepa Mia is about simple comfort, simple love, and simple food. When I call my mom back home in Venezuela and tell her that people here love her arepas she just can’t believe it! Thank you to everyone, especially close friends and family, for supporting and believing in the dream of Arepa Mia!