Becoming a dog trainer

We coach our apprentices to have a solid foundation in using science based methods to teach owners and their dogs. Apprentices watch their mentors teach classes, take notes, and gradually assist with larger portions of class. This allows you to gradually teach classes on your own under the supervision of an experienced professional who can provide feedback and guidance throughout the process. In addition, apprentices are expected to complete readings and coursework pertaining to general learning theory and animal behavior and husbandry. Assessments will be administered to evaluate comprehension and understanding of the material, and successful progression through the program.

AHS offers apprenticeship positions at our locations across the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota. The time commitment for our three-month program is 12 hours per week, the six-month program requires six hours per week, and the 12-month program requires five hours per week. All include the same content, but will be completed at different paces, depending on your availability. You will be scheduled for the same shift(s) each week (mostly evening and weekend hours) at the same location.

The Behavior and Training Apprenticeship is an unpaid position. We do charge a small fee to help cover the cost of the program. Completion of the program does not guarantee an offer of employment at Animal Humane Society. Apprentices who successfully complete the program are encouraged to apply for future openings within the department or organization.

At this time, we are full and not accepting applications. Check back soon!