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Best Public Golf Courses in Boise ID

Paul LiberatorePaul Liberatore

Paul Liberatore






The city of Boise has it going on.  I can speak to it firsthand.  So can one of our writers who grew up just a few hours away in Central Oregon.  He’s played a lot of golf in Boise over the years, especially since it’s where his sister went to college. 

It’s becoming more and more popular too, not just as a place to live, but a place to recreate.  And what’s not to like?  The climate is more mild than other spots in the west.  There’s any kind of outdoor activity you can think of.  The college and culture are vibrant.  The list goes on.

Along with our writer and Golfer’s Authority readers, we spent some serious time contemplating the best public courses in the area.  Below are the final picks.


Indian Lakes Golf Course

Indian Lakes Golf Club 1Indian Lakes Golf Club 1

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One of the things I like most about golf in Boise is the price.  For a town of this size, with as many quality courses as there are, golf is affordable.

That’s certainly the case at Indian Lakes. 

This track has been around for a while and reflects an old-school design.  It isn’t long, but it’s narrow.  The fairways are lined by mature fir trees.  Trying to save par from the rough isn’t easy.

If you keep it in play though, you’re sure to have some birdie looks.

Even though the greens are small, they roll true and are always at a comfortable speed.

One of the more affordable, underrated tracks in Boise, be sure to give Indian Lakes a shot.



Eagle Hills Golf Course

Eagle Hills Golf Course 2 1Eagle Hills Golf Course 2 1

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The town of Eagle flanks Boise to the west.  This is an up-and-coming bedroom community with lots to see and do. 

Part of that scene is Eagle Hills Golf Course. 

Set against the backdrop of the Boise Mountains, this is another classic design with tree lined fairways, small greens, and tactfully placed hazards.  Keeping the ball in play is the key to scoring well here.

The layout combines a unique mix of holes, both short and long, that move left and right.  While you might be tempted to bomb driver over the corners, it’s smarter to employ sound course management and take what the course gives you. 

When you finish playing, don’t miss out on some of the best golf course food in America.  The portions are fit for a king, and the beer is ice cold. 

Eagle Hills is everything public golf should be.


Warm Springs Golf Course

Warm Springs Golf Course 2Warm Springs Golf Course 2

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Warm Springs is managed by Boise’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  This facility is a shining example of the value public courses bring to their communities in terms of both recreation and revenue.

Though it might not look like much at first glance, I can personally attest that there’s more than meets the eye here. 

The course measures almost 7,000 yards from the back tees and will test your game.

However, there are plenty of shorter tee options for players that are new to the game or just want to relax and have fun.

Warm Springs sees a lot of play.  But it’s always in terrific shape and the pace of play moves along.

One of Boise’s most affordable options, Warm Springs offers everything you need.


Banbury Golf Course

Banbury Golf Course 2Banbury Golf Course 2

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Banbury is our writer’s favorite public track in all of Boise.  It’s not hard to see why.

This is one of the more upscale public tracks in the Boise area.  With that said, it’s still not all that expensive.

The course is a modern design that screams target golf.  Landing areas are well defined and generous.  But if you hit it offline, large lakes and penal bunkers can spell trouble.

The course has some length too.  Long par threes and fours demand well-struck shots.

The 18th hole is one you’ll remember.  A par five that only plays 500 yards, this hole can make or break your round. 

A tee shot in the fairway will leave you with a chance to get home in two, but if you pull it, you’ll be swimming with the fish as water guards the entire left side.

A challenging, yet fun round, put Banbury on your list.


Quail Hollow Golf Course

Quail Hollow Golf Course 3Quail Hollow Golf Course 3

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According to our Boise readers, Quail Hollow is arguably the most fun round of golf you can play in the city. 

The course isn’t long.  But dramatic elevation changes and ample risk and reward opportunities give it a ton of character. 

The story starts on the first hole, a drivable par four.  If you’re feeling confident, go ahead and rip driver.  Just be aware that if you miss your target, you’re most likely reaching into your pocket for that dreaded provisional.  Not the way to start your round.

The best way to navigate Quail Valley is to pick your spots wisely.  Sure, there are times when playing aggressively is the right play, but there’s also holes where you need to play the percentage shot.

The greens are some of the best in the Treasure Valley too.

Regardless of what your scorecard says at the end of the day, you’re sure to enjoy yourself at Quail Valley.


Boise Ranch Golf Course

Boise Ranch Golf Course 3Boise Ranch Golf Course 3

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Another excellent choice for a muni experience is Boise Ranch. 

This layout is right in front of you, and there’s plenty of room from tee to green.  You can play aggressively. 

Boise Ranch isn’t a walk in the park though.  Water and bunkers come into play and need to be avoided. 

The course’s most viable defense shows up when you get to the greens.  They’re large, undulating, and fast.  You’re going to be faced with some long putts here, so make sure to spend a few minutes dialing in the speed before you tee off.

Boise Ranch has everything you’d expect, and a lot more.  Come find out for yourself.


The Championship Course at Falcon Crest Golf Club

The Championship Course at Falcon Crest Golf Club 1The Championship Course at Falcon Crest Golf Club 1

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Falcon Crest is located in the town of Kuna, on Boise’s southwest side. 

Our writer told me about this track years ago, and insisted I had to play it next time I was in town.  I’m glad I did. 

From the back tees, this is a big golf course.  The features are sizable and it’s somewhat open.  Expect the wind to blow in the afternoon.  A ball striker’s test indeed.

The good news is that everyone can enjoy themselves here.  Multiple sets of tees are meant to accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

Along with a great design, what impressed me most about the Championship Course was its condition.  The bentgrass greens roll as pure as anything in the area.  The fairways might be the best I’ve ever played on.  The ball sits up, and there isn’t a blemish to be found anywhere.

The Championship Course at Falcon Crest is both fun and challenging.  It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to play either.


Ridgecrest Golf Club

Ridgecrest Golf Club 1Ridgecrest Golf Club 1

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Just across Interstate 84 from Falcon Crest, you’ll find Ridgecrest. 

This is another long, open layout.  From the back tees, you’ll be tested.  When I played here, the front nine got the best of me from the tips, so I moved up a set on the back. 

There’s room here.  But there’s also plenty of trouble.  On the front nine, you can more or less bomb away with a couple exceptions.  However, while the back nine is still open, there’s a lot more trouble to be found in the form of water and sand.  Navigate carefully.

The greens here are some of the fastest you’ll find anywhere too.  Do everything you can to put uphill.  Your scorecard will thank you for it. 

A genuine test that keeps you on your toes from the first tee to the 18th green, Ridgecrest will have you wanting to come back for more.


Centennial Golf Course

Centennial Golf Course 3Centennial Golf Course 3

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Just up and over the hill from Ridgecrest is Centennial Golf Course. 

While Ridgecrest epitomizes everything modern about course design, Centennial harkens back to the past. 

This is muni golf at it’s finest.  It’s cheap to play, and there aren’t any thrills or frills you don’t need.  Expect to see a host of folks out here enjoying themselves.  We’re talking about everyone from janitors to CEO’s.  The cool thing is that no one cares about any of that stuff.  They just want to play golf and have fun.

The course starts out with some holes that are wide open.  You can hit it just about anywhere and find it.  But as you settle into your round, the holes become gradually narrower and ask you to think.  Instead of bombing driver in any direction, shot placement becomes important. 

Centennial isn’t the longest course in the world, but it’s alive with character and charm. 

While this track might be overshadowed by Ridgecrest at the top of the hill, I’m here to tell you it’s an exquisite round of golf.


Purple Sage Golf Course

Purple Sage Golf Course 2Purple Sage Golf Course 2

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Our writer turned me on to Purple Sage a few years ago.  He swore that it was right up my alley, and he wasn’t wrong.

This is yet another classic muni in the town of Caldwell.  When you first arrive, it appears that not much has changed in the last 50 years.  The pro shop is nicely appointed and quaint.  The furniture in the bar and restaurant are reminiscent of what you’d see in Tin Cup or Dead, Solid, Perfect. 

The course is somewhat straightforward.  Holes parallel each other and the fairways are lined by fir trees that wreak havoc with errant tee shots. 

I habitually show up here on Tuesdays and Thursdays a little before 1:00pm.  That’s because there’s a skins game.  Anyone can join as long as they have $20 in their pocket.  The bi-weekly game attracts some of the best players in the area.  Don’t be surprised if you get paired with some of the best club pros, and the occasional mini-tour local who’s home for a couple weeks.

Appearances aren’t everything.  That’s especially true at Purple Sage.


I can’t wait to get back to Boise.  Neither can our writer.  This city’s vibe is intoxicating.  From the culture, food, Smurf Turf (Go Broncos!), and endless outdoor recreation opportunities, there’s something for everyone.

For me, that latter are all good and well, but I get most excited about the golf.  There’s plenty of quality public options to choose from here.  And most are more than affordable.

For the record, it wasn’t just our writer and I that compiled this list of courses.  As always, we carefully considered what all of you had to say too.  Thanks for your continued input and support.

If there’s more you’d like to share with our community about golf in the Boise area, kindly drop us a note in the comments.