Best Social Media Marketing Classes Los Angeles, CA: Find Courses & Onsite Training

According to, there are more than 244,000 businesses in Los Angeles and has more minority- and women-owned businesses than any other in the nation. These companies can’t survive in today’s tech-driven market without an online presence. Social media marketing is the type of digital marketing that uses social media platforms to promote a business.

The ways that a business uses social media depends on the kind of customers they want to attract. Popular websites on which companies advertise and engage with their customers include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Taking a social media marketing course can give you a competitive edge in LA’s growing job market. You can learn to use analytics to track social media interactions, educate companies about how to exploit social media platforms and work with marketing teams to help establish a company identity.

Social Media Marketing Careers in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, social media marketers are employed everywhere—in the entertainment, technology, and tourism spaces. Larger companies might rely on multiple employees to do their digital marketing and maintain different social media channels, while smaller startups may have only one person running their accounts. Learning social media marketing is a fantastic way to dive into digital marketing, especially if you already have experience on a particular platform.

Social media marketing careers utilize social media platforms to connect with a target audience and aim to build brand awareness and loyalty, increase sales, convert leads, and drive website traffic. Almost any social media marketing job will require knowledge of digital marketing strategy and the most popular platforms. Common positions for people with social marketing skills include social media strategist, digital marketer, or digital strategist. These jobs range in pay from about $58,000 to $71,000 per year in Los Angeles.

In-Person Social Media Marketing Classes in Los Angeles

Social media marketing classes can be taken in-person or online. In-person classes are a good choice for learners who benefit from the structure of a live class with the added benefit of a live instructor that can answer questions as they come up. There are several schools in and around LA that offer in-person social media marketing classes.

General Assembly, Ledet Training, headTrix, Inc, AcademyX, and Sonic Training social media marketing classes of varying lengths. General Assembly offers a 2-day Social Media Bootcamp designed for individuals interested in using social media strategically to build a brand. Students work on social media strategy and content and discover how to measure the success of a social media campaign in this hands-on bootcamp.

Ledet Training, located in El Segundo, offers a 1-day course called Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter in which students learn online marketing basics, how to separate business and personal accounts, and how to put together a marketing funnel. They also build skills in optimizing Tweets, leveraging key Facebook features, using iFrames to customize Facebook pages, running analytics, and managing workflow.

Certstaffix Training has a slightly different format. While classes are offered at their LA locations, the class is led by a remote instructor who is not in the same room as the class participants. However, students have the benefit of using the school’s computer lab. Classes offered include Facebook Advertising, Instagram For Business, LinkedIn For Business, Twitter for Business, and YouTube For Business.

Virtual Social Media Marketing Classes

Virtual social media marketing classes are a great alternative for those who would like the flexibility of learning from home. Live online classes are similar to in-person classes in that they are interactive, hands-on, instructor-led classes that take place in real-time. The instructor can answer questions as they come up, share their screen, and even, with permission, access participants’ screens. Participants have the added benefit of taking the class from anywhere that has a reliable internet connection.

There are virtual social media marketing courses available through Noble Desktop, the maker of this tool. Noble Desktop’s Social Media Marketing Certificate combines these classes into a 30-hour experience covering paid and organic marketing techniques on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other platforms. If you’re interested in learning social media marketing as a path to a career in digital marketing, check out the 78-hour Digital Marketing Certificate. The Facebook Marketing class covers everything from setting up a business page to how to target audiences, track conversions, and run successful ad campaigns. Another option is Instagram Marketing.

See also live online social media marketing courses from Career Centers and live online social media marketing courses from NYIM Training.

Corporate & Onsite Social Media Marketing Classes

For businesses and organizations, Noble Desktop offers corporate onsite and online training in social media marketing. Expert-led training can be a huge asset to companies that want to establish a stronger social media presence. Noble offers both onsite and virtual training options that are led by experienced instructors who are ready to adapt their lesson plans to your needs. Noble offers in-person training at your company’s office and remote training held live online with a teleconferencing platform like Zoom.

Alternatively, Noble Desktop offers companies the option to purchase vouchers for scheduled open-enrollment group social media marketing classes. Discounts are available if you purchase multiple vouchers. If you’re interested in offering social media marketing classes at your company, contact Noble Desktop for more information at