Big 4 Accounting Firms Ranking (2021 Edition) (Who Is The Best??)

2017 Top Tax Consulting Firms

In order to rank the top tax consulting firms you also have to look at revenues to determine which is the best tax service firm.

What do tax service companies do? Tax service companies provide the following services

Tax preparation services – tax preparation services include service with helping companies and individuals meet their tax obligations such as filling out forms and complying with local tax laws.

Tax Consulting services – the largest tax firms offer tax consulting services which includes tax structuring, tax planning and other services to comply with local tax laws.

Tax Financial audit services – This service is where the largest audit firms call their tax practices in to help audit the tax portion of the financial statements.


KPMG earned $5.6 billion in 2016 from their global tax practice. This makes them the fourth largest tax consulting firm in the world.


Deloitte tax reported revenues of $7.35 billion in 2017. This puts them as the 3rd largest tax practice in the world.

Deloitte’s earned $6.9 billion of revenue in 2016 from their tax practice.


Ey’s tax revenue in 2017 was $8.2 billion as compared to their  2016 tax firm revenue of 7.8 billion. This makes them the second largest tax accounting firm.


PwC tax services revenue in 2017 was $9.5 billion making Pwc the top tax firm in the world.

In 2016 PwC tax firm revenue was $8.9 billion. In 2015 PwC’s tax group made 8.3 billion. In 2014 they made $7.8 billion dollars and in 2013 they made $7.2 billion. They’ve been the best tax consulting firm for a number of years.

Another part of PwC being number one of the best tax consulting firms in the world is their recent acquisition of GE’s tax department. The acquisition will generate a whole new stream of revenue for years to come and enable them to be the best tax service company firm for a while.