Bobby McGee's Conglomeration | Dallas – Yelp

Bobby McGees Conglomeration  was one of my favorite restaurants from the 70's located in Hillside Village Shopping Center on Mockingbird.   It was a quirky casual dining restaurant.  Yes, there was a large staircase with dining upstairs.  There were cozy dining tables that you could pull red velvet curtains for privacy.

It was an "adult" kind of Magic Time Machine restaurant.   The wait staff all wore costumes.  The food was delicious.  I always ordered the Teriyaki Steak which was so good!   There was a grand salad bar which had everything your taste buds desired.   They also served the BEST thin-sliced friend Zucchini I've ever eaten, and I've Never found any like it anywhere else.  I liked it so much, that my boyfriend (hubby, now) and I would order it….go pick it up, and bring it into the Casa Linda Theatre and eat it while we enjoyed a movie.   Great memories!   I miss it.