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About Us

Joao Luis Frota came from Brazil to Santa Cruz more than 30 years ago, and after visiting Hawaii and other places with his wife Claudia decided to set roots in Santa Cruz, California. The call was a blend of the beautiful city between the redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, beaches, the people from Santa Cruz and its University; a great place to raise a family.

He started with a breakfast place 24 years ago. He always liked breakfast and was surprised by the typical American Breakfast, which he started offering while little by little added Brazilian dishes. Finding that people wanted to have choices on how to change and add some ingredients and toppings, over time Cafe Brasil evolved into a Brazilian breakfast, brunch and lunch place with the possibility to tailor many dishes to the client's desires.

Today one of his biggest satisfactions is to see a Brazilian cafe with Brazilian atmosphere where people not only enjoy a large variety of dishes and fresh juices, but they also can relax and feel comfortable with the traditional Brazilian hospitality, warmth and friendliness.