Bunna Cafe | NYC

Review: A Vegan Ethiopian Feast at Bunna Café

There are some New York restaurants that you can mention in any social setting and someone will invariably nod and intone, sagely, "Oh, yes, I go there all the time." Somewhat remarkably for a vegan Ethiopian spot-in Bushwick, no less-Bunna Café is one of them. What's more, Bunna is well, and rightly, loved.

Bon Appétit's NYC100 – March 2020 Edition

29. The Place for Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Food. Bunna Cafe, Bushwick, Brooklyn. This bustling, 100-percent plant-based Ethiopian spot is the ultimate answer to the age-old question, “Where are we going to take our vegetarian friends to dinner?”

New York's Most Romantic Restaurants, According to 33 Chefs

DeVonn Francis, Founder-chef, YARDY: There’s a little corner booth by the door at Bunna Cafe in Bushwick, which I covet for a romantic night out. Tearing injera off of metal platters topped with slow-stewed tomatoes, aromatic sauces and savory greens is a lovely vehicle for romance (and a useful device for those who need to keep their hands busy to alleviate nervousness). Bunna checks all of my boxes. The room never feels too loud or crowded and it’s honestly great for late night shmooze or daytime flirting.

Coffee Culture Is All About Sharing in Ethiopia

As the driving force behind Ethiopia's economy as well as a pillar of its culture, coffee plays an integral role in Ethiopian identity. It's no surprise that immigrants to America from the East African nation turn to the drink – and the rituals that surround it – when in need of a taste of home.