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Get ready for your CLEP exams quickly with our fun and engaging CLEP test prep courses. The courses we offer contain engaging video lessons and CLEP practice tests, and we provide study options for the most popular CLEP tests, including College Algebra, U.S. History and Spanish.

About CLEP

Sponsored by The College Board, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been helping students save time and money on their degree programs for over 40 years. This credit-by-exam program allows students to take inexpensive tests and earn transferable college credit in a variety of academic subjects. There are over 1,800 testing centers that administer CLEP exams, and CLEP credit is currently accepted by over 2,900 colleges and universities.

CLEP exams can be particularly beneficial for students who want to test out of intro-level college courses. For example, if students decide to prepare for the CLEP Chemistry exam, they can earn up to 6 semester hours if the exam is passed. If their universities accept CLEP credit, then they would no longer need to take a semester-long and expensive introductory chemistry course in school. Research has also found that students who take prior-learning assessments like CLEP tend to have higher GPAs and higher college completion rates.

There are 33 subject-specific CLEP exams offered throughout the year. These exams are 90 minutes long on average, and they're typically constructed of multiple-choice questions and some essay prompts. Multiple-choice questions are scored via computer immediately following an exam, and writing-based exam content is scored twice a month by professors who are hand picked by The College Board. Scaled scores range from 20 to 80, and students will be able to send score reports to their institutions.

We currently offer test prep courses for the following CLEP exams:

About CLEP Courses

Our courses are designed to get you fully prepared for each CLEP exam. Our lessons are taught by subject matter experts in a variety of fields, and their simplified and engaging teaching styles help you quickly review and remember the concepts that you'll be tested on.

As you work through the courses, you'll watch fun video lessons that are all accompanied by practice quizzes. These quizzes help you get comfortable answering the types of questions you'll encounter on your CLEP exams. You can access the course on any Internet-connected device, and lesson transcripts are also available for offline study. This flexibility allows you to study wherever and whenever it's convenient!

All courses include chapter exams and final assessments to help you reinforce your understanding of important terms and concepts. If you have any questions about the material, you can submit them to our instructors using our Ask the Expert feature. You can revisit the lessons as many times as needed, and your course dashboard will keep track of your progress so you can stay on top of your test preparation schedule.