Capstone Golf | St. Augustine, FL

Capstone Golf is a management and development company founded to take advantage of the increasingly value conscious customer. We believe the golf industry must build a market to prosper and grow, not simply service a market. The experts who say the golf industry is in trouble are the same ones who are servicing the market with expensive greens fees, outrageously priced equipment and cater to private members.

Capstone Golf’s mission is to promote the game of golf to senior, beginning, and intermediate golfers through strong marketing strategies and highly efficient management techniques. We do this by providing affordable, accessible and sustainable golf courses. Part of this equation is that our courses are playable for everyone, conducive to walking, and promote non-intimidating environments. By applying our proven formula, Capstone Golf has successfully increased rounds, revenues, profitability and most importantly customer satisfaction at each facility we operate. At our courses, golf is still fun!