Cast Iron Pot – AYCE Korean BBQ NY/NJ

Since he was a child, the owner of Cast Iron Pot, Hyun Pak, envisioned a career in the food and beverage industry. He worked countless hours to save up money to buy a small deli, which eventually became a chain of delis throughout New York City. When he moved to New Jersey, he opened up Zen Zen, an upscale Korean Barbecue Restaurant, in Fairview, N.J. At the time, the move shocked a lot of people because most Korean restaurants tended to be in places where Koreans are densely located. Despite Zen Zen’s success, he wanted to stay on top of the trend. With the recent growing interest in Korean culture and K-POP, he boldly made the decision to switch to an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant targeting the younger generation. Hyun’s motto behind Cast Iron Pot is (1) to provide huge portions of quality meat at affordable prices, and (2) to raise customer satisfaction by constantly changing the system in order to be reflexive of customer feedback.