Certification Courses – YMCA of Central Florida


Students must pass the Physical Skills Test prior to the course

Phase 1
Tread water for two minutes, and swim 100 yards of front crawl.
Phase 2
Swim 50 yards of front crawl (with the head up), sidestroke, breaststroke, breaststroke with the head up, and elementary backstroke kick with hands on chest.
Phase 3
Perform a feet-first surface dive in 8–10′ (or maximum depth), then swim underwater for 15′.
Phase 4
Sprint approximately 60′ and perform an arm-over-arm surface dive in 8–10′ water (or maximum depth). Pick up a dive ring from the bottom of the pool, resurface, and tread water for at least one minute with legs only. Then replace the object back to the bottom of the pool where it was found. Swim the remaining length to end of the pool, and hoist yourself out of the water. Immediately begin compression on an adult mannequin for one minute or 100 compressions, then stand and listen to directions from the instructor.