Company of Heroes Modern Combat mod adds marines

Patch v1.014 has been released for Company of Heroes' Modern Combat mod, bringing with it a new playable faction in the form of US marines and a slew of texture and lighting upgrades.

The Modern Combat mod updates the soldiers and tech available in Relic Entertainment's Company of Heroes RTS, changing them from World War 2 era to modern day.

In the latest patch, US marines have been added as a playable reward faction in addition to a number of improvements to the lighting models and textures. The patch release was accompanied by the announcement of a Modern Combat Round Robin Tournament.

For a full list of changes, as well as installation and trouble-shooting guidelines, check out the Modern Combat mod pages on

Despite being released all the way back in 2006, Relic's Company of Heroes remains popular. Relic is currently developing a sequel, Company of Heroes 2, which is expected on PC on June 25.

Thanks, Kotaku.