Copper Creek Restaurant at Mt Rainier

Copper Creek Restaurant first opened in the 1920s as a lunch counter and automotive shop. You could enjoy a cup of coffee, a sandwich, and good conversation while your car was repaired.

If these walls could talk you’d hear tales of a bawdy time when travelers filled the restaurant during the day, and after hours the dining room became a bottle club where customers brought their own drinks, ate, and danced to the jukebox until dawn leaving just enough time to clean up for the arriving tourists.

You feel you have stepped back in time when you enter Copper Creek Restaurant. Warm smiles and the smell of fresh-baked bread and homemade blackberry pie remind you of a time gone by and lure you to stay for a meal.

In 1946 Roselea Triggs Purchase Copper Creek Restaurant and opened it as a full restaurant. It has been operating since. It is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the state.