Correspondence Courses and Degree Completion

Note: See the Course Offerings page for a list of currently open courses.

Prospective students interested in the Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) to Bachelor's of Science in Respiratory Care (BSRC) degree completion program may need a few courses in the General Education Core Curriculum prior to being admitted. Exploring correspondence courses at Texas State University may be a quick and affordable solution. Correspondence courses are: 

  • Self-paced–allowing you to complete the course quickly (in a matter of a few months) or giving you up to six or nine months if you need more time to make the class fit your schedule.
  • Online–letting you work from home at times convenient to you.
  • Enrolling immediately–letting you get started right away without waiting for a specific semester start date.

Students do not need to be admitted to Texas State University to enroll in a correspondence course and there's very little paperwork since correspondence courses do not qualify for financial aid. Prices per course are affordable. Browse the relevant course listings below.

Important: to ensure that you're selecting the course option best for your specific circumstance, please contact your academic advisor at Texas State University in the BSRC program.