Defensive Driving Texas-Approved Online Courses [2022 Costs]

Like many states, Texas has a license point system. Any time you are found guilty of a traffic violation, points are added to your record. Once you accumulate six or more points in a three-month period, you are required to pay surcharges. If you receive four moving violations in a twelve-month period, you can have your license suspended.

Defensive Driving Courses Prevent Minor License Points

There is no way to have points removed from your Texas driving record except by waiting. Points remain on your license for a minimum of three years. You can, however, prevent some points from being assessed by completing a Texas-approved driver safety course. For some violations, you may be eligible for ticket dismissal but check with a traffic court official to be sure.

After you get a ticket for a minor offense, pay the Texas traffic ticket first. Then, go to the Texas court in your county on the date of your hearing. Negotiate with the judge to hold the points that would have been added to your record in exchange for a defensive driving certificate.

Defensive Driving Courses Can Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

Another reason to take a defensive driving course online in Texas is to lower your car insurance rates. Many auto insurance providers will give a discount of up to 10 percent, but you should verify this with your provider before signing up for a class to save money.

In addition to completing a Texas state-approved driving safety class, drivers often need to produce driving records for ticket dismissal. Every Texas defensive driving school included in the table above will obtain your driving records for a fee.