El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant menu in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Good food, however the chimichanga didn't seem to be deep fried, was more along the lines of the tortilla being slightly dipped in oil as you would a corn tortilla before rolling an enchilada. The service needs an upgrade. I ordered a light meal so I can try out the ice cream they had advertised on the table. Well I'm not sure why but the female server I had wasn't good at her job. That in turned prevented the restaurant from making more off me because instead of asking me if I wanted anything else she simply placed the ticket down and thanked me for coming. How many others does she do that too? I'm sure it adds up at some point, I know in my case it also made me only tip her half of what I was going to. I also let the nice hostess/cashier know why I didn't order the ice cream, but she seemed to young to know the inpact it may have had on the business bottom line at the end of the day. When I do find my way back to the area I may give them another shot.