El Toro Bravo ⋆ Southwest Mexican Restaurant, Cantina & Tequila Bar ⋆ Sarasota, FL

Our Story

If it’s not good, I will not serve it.

Since 2005, Ruben and El Toro Bravo have been welcoming guests into one of the best dining experiences in Sarasota.

El Toro Bravo has maintained its small town warmth and charm by delivering friendly service with exceptional Southwest Mexican food. Ruben personally travels to the markets to hand-pick only the freshest and most colorful produce for his dishes. You won’t find lard or vinegar being used at El Toro Bravo. Ruben insists on cooking with olive oil and canola oil because they are healthier and more flavorful.

Diners can choose from a wide variety of carefully prepared menu items and can choose from Ruben’s own special sauce creations, red or green (or ask for Christmas – which is a combination of both).