Enzo's on the Lake

Located in Orlando, Enzo's on the Lake is a purveyor of fine Italian dining.

The Enzo Story

Enzo’s on the Lake started as a home and has continued to be one. In 1980 Enzo Perlini wanted to create a restaurant in Orlando where a Roman would feel at home. He wanted his new home to reflect the flavors, colors, and vibrancy of his city– and that is Enzo’s.

Everything we do at Enzo’s is in service to that mission: our family recipes passed down from Nonna Maria– a blending of Roman and Neapolitan kitchens– Enzo’s innovative creations, traditional Roman flavors, and family art decorating the walls. Elaine Ross, Jo Anne’s mother, painted almost all of the paintings that adorn the walls– so from our family to yours, we give you Enzo’s.

Enzo and Jo Anne have always been committed to Enzo’s original vision: family owned and crafted with love. We are a family and what we make here is exactly that. We make pasta from scratch by hand in a pasta maker from Italy. We buy fresh fish. We are deliberate in preserving our flavors and tradition, but love to try new things as we grow. After almost 40 years we are still here because of our attention to detail. We are still here because we don’t take shortcuts.

Our building and property used to be a private residence and when Enzo and Jo Anne purchased the property in 1980 they converted it to a restaurant. They purchased the property from the original owners who built the Italian style villa on the lake in 1955. Room by room Enzo and Jo Anne transformed the house into a restaurant; a garage became a kitchen, a bedroom became “Il Pensatoio,” or “The Thinking Room,” our old school bar.

The Perlini children grew up here and the staff, many of whom have worked here for decades, are our family– their hard work, their attention to detail, and their care for our customers have made Enzo’s what it is, and has been for over 40 years. We can’t wait for you to join us and become part of our family tradition.

One of Jo Anne’s favorite memories is of Josh, the youngest son, eating our homemade meatballs on the back counter at three years old, mouth full, and one meatball in each hand– incidentally, Josh still holds the record for the number of ravioli eaten in one sitting at a whopping 22 ravioli.. Once you try them you might be tempted to challenge him!