Esposito’s Italian Restaurant & Bar – Tampa, FL

Family Story


Between 1840 and 1920 around 37 million poor, hungry, and some formerly orphaned immigrants migrated to the United States. One of those poor, hungry, and previously orphaned men was named Pasquale Esposito who left Formia, Italy in 1906 and rode “Stowaway” on a ship headed for the America’s. Pasquale Esposito arrived in Ellis Island, settled in Jersey City, New Jersey and married Carmina D’Anjou. They gave birth to 9 sons and 3 daughters and from here our Italian American Esposito family tree began to bloom….Today there is over 216,000 Esposito’s worldwide and around 200 people in the family started by Pasquale and Carmina. Welcome to Esposito’s Italian Restaurant and welcome into “our” Esposito family.