Farmhouse Inn Restaurant

Farm-to-Table Cuisine In the Heart of Sonoma County

Farmhouse Inn Restaurant provides a dining experience unlike any other, highlighting the fresh bounty of Sonoma’s Russian River Valley in every innovative, seasonally driven dish. Delicate mozzarella di bufala sits alongside juicy heirloom tomatoes, crisp petite lettuce, and a perfectly balanced arugula-basil pesto. As you put down your fork after your last bite, a savory dish of corn ravioli appears in front of you. Sungold tomatoes, arugula, and pepato cheese dance around the plate, complementing the aromatic garlic and ever-so-slightly spicy chili but leaving the immaculate pasta as the dish’s shining star. 

You can smell the decadent flavors of your main course before you can even see it: A confit of rabbit leg sits beside a roasted rack as applewood-smoked bacon encompasses the loin; fingerling potatoes are placed alongside them, and a creamy whole-grain mustard sauce pulls it all together in an elegant cacophony of flavors. Just when you think you’ve experienced the best bites imaginable, the stone-fruit tart bursts into your life, pulling your taste buds into a new love affair. Fresh market pluots adorn the frangipane’s almond pastry cream, while the estate-made honey-lavender ice cream boasts herbaceous notes that elevate the luxurious dessert to an entirely new level.