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This Free Online Data Analytics Course includes a comprehensive Data Analyst Courses with 4+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. You get to learn how to use Python in Data Science and to create fascinating data visualizations.

Data Analyst collects sources from different area filters and analysis them to get accurate information using statistical techniques and visualizes the output to the outside world. There is an increased demand for data analysts all around the world due to this effectiveness and efficiency acts as the backbone of every project. The final data are presented in the form of reports, charts, and put their data in online databases. The major role is they bring proper insights about their customer needs in health care sectors, banks, retail shops, food management.

The main responsibilities of Data Analysts are to produce the accurate result it is important to see patterns in the data, collecting the data and optimizing, producing reports according to new trends, collaborating with other individuals (like managers, data scientists, architects, database developers. They use special tools to visualize the data and sort which includes Excel, SQL, Tableau. The key feature you will learn in the data analyst course is about creating plots and visuals in data visualizations. also, you will learn data sets and how to read CSV files.

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Learn how to use Python in Data Science and to create fascinating data visualizations.

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Anyone who is serious about learning and wants to make a career in this Field


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Free Online Data Analytics Course Curriculum

In this training, you will be trained on how to use python in Data Visualizations. The Free Online Data Analytics Course curriculum involves:

  • Introduction To data science and data visualizations that covers development setups, an overview of course details, how to read and write python programming, and bridge connectors between python and JS and would be using several python libraries for data visualizations. And shows how to use resources with python which is used to analyze it and sample scripts followed by loops in Python. next understanding data visualizations and various types of charts like bar, line, scatter.
  • What is data science?

Brief notes on Understanding data Science. Learn how to use Python environment Framework and covers major concepts on Various Python scripts. This course will give you in learning the importance of data science.

  • Advanced Python

In this section, you will learn advanced concepts on Python by learning fundamentals on Creating a framework on functions for python, creating a New Library to access call back functions, how to Create first Bar charts, Analysis on Line Chart. This also includes a discussion on Understanding Scattered Plots. in short, you will get to know advanced python methods and data storage. And examples of how to use charts.

  • Linear Algebra

This chapter showcases various Vector Spaces in Linear Algebra.  It is necessary for machine learning techniques in pythons. This chapter attempts to provide concepts on Matrices and matrix operations in Linear Algebra and how to work with them including Analysing Statistical data and implementing them. And well look at Understanding central Tendencies and learning various Dispersion for data.

  • Probability

To learn more combinations and permutations on statistical data it is recommended to learn probability which is the part of data science. Using python, you will learn all the foundations like Probability in Discrete Mathematics, chapters on Normal Distribution curve, and their formulas with an Example for Normal Distribution Curve. you will also learn about the central limit theorem as sample means of approaches and clear explanation on why it is important to data scientists. concept of Hypothesis to understand how it works and defines hypothesis testing in statistical methods with an example on Hypothesis testing. In this section, you will explore – defining the Next value in the probability. presenting the probability distributing principles of the P Hacking tool. Understanding Bayesian Inference to show mechanics in action for learning from data. To understand the notation of predictor values we go for Line of Best Fit. Lastly a brief introduction to Data Science with Gradient Descent and example on Gradient Descent.

  • Gradient Descent

Following Is a concept on gradient Descent an optimization method to find target function. Here you will learn about Value import to determine minimum value. It also measures output Functions for Gradient with an efficient algorithm to map input and output using predictor functions. Next covers Working with data Analysis when new data arrives working on business requirements by refining the models. To view a visual representation of data Creating Normal histogram is mandatory to process with a running example. To learn directional directive Two-dimensional Graph functions are used to plot the solutions. Setting up -Multiple Scatter Plots on a two dimensional to specify a color. Learning algorithms for Analysing data sets for evaluation. exploring analysis and predicting time series analysis in a python is an important factor. To get a summary of a set of data Learning Box Plots helps to draw a box from quartile.

Reaching conclusions about the concepts you will be able to understand the concepts of python used in visualizations. In this course, you will be well trained by learning how to make better plots in fewer times from a sample of data. Data analyst helps in business by predicting the needs. Visualizations play a major role in big organizations according to the types of data been used.

Free Data Analytics Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Data Analytics?

We live in a world of data; any companies or organizations need to deal with their products or service to the outside world in which data are backed up. This training covers topics on how to use python in data analyses, data visualization, and how to implement data science. you will learn more complex visualizations techniques and fundamentals. Data visualizations with python visualize two- and three-dimensional graphs, plots, charts, and customizing it. Data Analyst responsibilities are to collect and gather data from various sectors and do statistical analyses of data. They prepare reports and develop analysis to improve quality. There are different types of data analyst field but their goal is the same which includes marketing analysts, business analysts, financial analysts, etc. Being a data analyst, you would claim to have a good career scope in the jobs. They assist in taking database decisions and are equally demanded in their work. Exact scenarios are they have to extract insights and values from the stacked volumes of data.

Which tangible skills you will learn in this Course?

The skills you will gain through this Free Online Data Analytics Course in Python Programming, Data Visualizations. You will be well equipped in knowledge to create interesting graphics and charts varieties, creating complex visualizations to make them more elegant to the audience. You will get to know to create your data science projects. It allows creating line charts and how to apply color schemes for graphs. You can expand your skillset in scientific calculations and computing by learning the basics of data analysis using Python. You can level up your skills in writing error handling, objects, and writing functions in python, working with complex data visualizations techniques as well. This course will equip you with manipulating and working with industry-based projects. You will learn how to fetch data and present data that makes sense to the customers.


Basic python knowledge for data Science and familiar in writing loops, writing functions parts, method calling on objects remotely, or locally can get a head start to this course. Skills required to learn data analytics are visualization of data, basic SQL, scripting, and database design. A key pre-requisite is knowing an analytical mindset, inquisitive mind, and logical thinking. And need natural lean toward mathematics and strong grounding on statistics which helps in learning algorithms. Knowledge of creating data visualizations, techniques on reporting, and big tools, understanding machine learning for analysts. A general understanding of computing concepts and terminologies is recommended.

Target Audience

This Free Online Data Analytics Course is intended for attendees interested in learning python with visualizations, looking to make a career in data science, data analysts. Professionals who are interested to shift their career domain. General audiences like Managers, System analysts, Software engineers, and developers could be a general audience. Technical administrators, business intelligence developers, and marketing professionals can do this course. The target customers involve business analysts, marketing analysts, data researchers, and delegates interested in pursuing data visualizations for their websites.

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Career Benefits

Careers in data science have excellent job opportunities to enter into the market. Employees with skills in python have high value to compete in the world. Data analyst professionals and data analysts have the highest pay. Data scientists are booming and gaining importance in the current trend as they are responsible for writing algorithms, calculations, to sort and analyze the data. You can plan your career path as a data analyst at various job titles like Business Analyst in IT, Operation Team leader, Financial analyst. You could expect good salaries for freshers and have great future growth plans as a senior level. This course helps in gaining business analytical skills that refine your skills. Data analyst is the best career move as they create the best insights to business and are in high demand. There are many certification courses available. Taking up this data analyst certification in data visualizations helps you to broaden your skills. There is a demand for analyst’s professionals as organizations looking for ways to explore analysts for data patterns and statistics and they are paid big bucks for the right positions.



Free Online Data Analytics Course review1


Comprehensive course

This is a comprehensive course for those who want to learn data science concepts coupled with python. The course is structured in such a way that all topics are covered from scratch, and in a well-explained manner. A lot of examples help for the understanding of concepts. Overall a very decent course, which can be self-paced as per your need.

Neelabh Garg



Free Online Data Analytics Course review2


Data science with python

The course goes through the different areas of data science with python. Besides a fundamental theory regarding the explained concepts, the diverse concepts are exemplified with short python programs. The lessons are good to understand and the programs presented to illustrate and implement the concepts are simple and significant.

Jorge Giro



Free Online Data Analytics Course review3


Certified Data Science Training Using R, SAS, and Excel

Earn Good Money! A very comprehensive Data Science Course and exceptionally well presented. Easy to follow. Good pace, not too fast. It should be easy to get a job because a certificate is issued after watching all videos. No need to install any software. This course would cost thousands of $ in the US or Europe.

Grzegorz Kowalczyk