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Python is an integrated high-level, multi-paradigm general purpose programming language used to develop web applications. It is one of the most user-friendly languages used to build software due to its excellent features and user-friendliness. It is a dynamically typed, object-oriented, and functional programming language. Due to its comprehensive standard library, python is described as a “batteries included” language. 

Here is a course offered by Great learning that helps you learn Python from scratch. This course will guide you in installing the tool for programming and its IDEs, walk you through syntax, conditionals, basic functions, objects, building small programs to developing applications, etc.  This will take you through a live session on concepts ranging from a basic level like python syntax, conditionals, etc. to advanced concepts like application building. Python not only helps professionals, but also students who are aiming at being industry-fit software developers, competitive coders, or just get familiarized with the programming language. 

Software is everywhere, from keeping the record of your sleep-wake cycle, foot-steps count to business transactions. Application development is in high demand in the IT industry and so are the developers. Since the language is much more comfortable to use and easy and faster to work with, software application developers tend to choose this platform. This video will help subscribers to gain in-depth knowledge of python and its features. To learn Python in your free time, you can also enroll in one of the python free courses offered. It will benefit both working professionals and aspiring students. On successful completion of the course, you will also gain a certificate that is UGC approved. Happy learning!