Graduate Courses

Students must enroll in courses on-line through ACORN/ROSI . When completing on-line enrollment for courses, please note the following:

CHM1102H, CHM1420H and CHM1290Y are the course numbers.
Suffixes "F", "S" and "Y" represent the course sections.

Courses with suffix "F" will run during the Fall term (September to December).
Courses with suffix "S" will run during the Second term (January to May).
Courses with suffix "Y" will run the entire year (September to May).

Information regarding registration and enrollment.

Students must also complete the Departmental Course Enrollment Form.

Course enrollment form for Incoming Students
Course enrollment form for Continuing Students

The enrollment form should be completed in consultation with the research supervisor. Students may begin requesting courses August 12. The completed/signed enrollment form must then be submitted to the Chemistry Graduate Office by September 16; new students may submit until September 19. January registrants submit by January 16. This does not apply to non-degree Special Student or exchange students.

To cancel or add a course after submitting the course enrollment form to Chemistry Graduate Office prior to SGS deadlines, add or cancel the course on ACORN/ROSI and send an e-mail to the Graduate Office copying your research advisor and course instructor. This does not apply to non-degree Special Student or exchange students.  The final date to drop Fall session courses without academic penalty (ie. a permanent WDR on your transcript) is on October 31; February 27 to drop full year and Winter session courses.  These are strict deadlines by SGS. 

If you have questions about course requirements, please contact the Graduate Office. Alternatively, you can also speak with Graduate Studies Committee field representatives. They are listed here:

Research Area
Contact #1
Contact #2
Analytical Chemistry
Prof. Alana Ogata
Environmental Chemistry
Prof. Hui Peng
LM 321A
Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. Maciej Korzynski
DV 4039 (UTM)
Organic & Biological Chemistry
Prof. Mark Taylor (Associate Chair, Grad Grad Studies)
LM 622A
Prof. Haissi Cui (Biological)
LM 443
Physical Chemistry
Prof. Gilbert Walker
LM 145
Theoretical Chemistry
Prof. Anatole von Lilienfeld
Myhal Room 714, 55 St. George Str. Toronto, ON
Polymers & Material Chemistry
Prof. Oleksandr (Alex) Voznyy
EV 564 (UTSC)
Prof. Helen Tran
LM 514
Mississauga Campus Grad Faculty Liaison
Prof. Scott Prosser
Scarborough Campus Grad Faculty Liaison

Prof. Frank Wania
EV 448, (UTSC)