Graphic Design | Montgomery College, Maryland

Graphic Design

From paper to pixels, sketches to screens, professional graphic designers, illustrators,
and multimedia artists create the images that inspire and inform today’s media savvy

In the insatiable gaming industry, animators and graphic designers bring static images
to life using sophisticated software applications. In businesses, they design and
create highly visible items including logos, package designs, and marketing materials.

With the variety of communication platforms, applications, and job opportunities,
it is time for you to make your move in the digital arts industry.

Our State-of-the-Art Facilities Include:

  • Fully equipped Macintosh design labs with the most current software, scanning, and
    professional printing equipment to support all classes
  • An illustration and graphic studio with controlled lighting, storage, and workspace
    with drafting tables and Macintosh computers
  • Real-time active motion capture system
  • 3-D animation Macintosh lab
  • Gallery space for student and professional exhibitions

Career Opportunities

The Washington, DC, region is a major center for careers in digital arts including
publishing, advertising, marketing, design, illustration, animation, web and mobile
design, and broadcast media. Graduates from the graphic design program at Montgomery
College are working in these areas as production artists, designers, art directors,
illustrators, production managers, publications specialists, animators, web designers,
and company executives.

Many DC-area companies contact MC for interns or entry-level positions. Faculty members
forward information about these opportunities to students in order to enhance their
employment and career advancement prospects.  

Graphic design courses help you develop marketable skills for various applications,
including vocational interests, earning an associate's degree or certificate, or preparing
for an advanced degree at a four-year institution.

Graphic Design Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Applied Science

Associate of Fine Arts


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