Graphic Design BA | Fairleigh Dickinson University

The graphic design major provides individuals with the opportunity to learn the skills, principles and latest industry-standard tools needed to prepare for a wide variety of careers in the graphic design industry. The courses focus on the art of communication and problem solving through the use of type, space, visual imagery and computer software.

This rigorous curriculum merges creative visual aesthetics with modern technology, which is necessary for mastering print, illustration or web media production. Completion of this program will result in a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design with a concentration in illustration, print design or web design awarded by Fairleigh Dickinson University. Admission decisions are made in accordance with criteria, policies, and procedures established by FDU. Students must maintain a grade point ratio of 2.00 in their courses at FDU subsequent to admission.


We offer three areas of concentration:

Print Design Concentration places a strong emphasis on concept development, technical skills, and aesthetics, in problem-solving.

Web Design Concentration blends technical skill with design expertise, preparing students for a variety of careers in the interactive industry.

Illustration Concentration allows students to focus on developing a personal style while practicing their craft.  Imagination and experimentation are encouraged, as students learn techniques in traditional and digital media.

All programs emphasize individual discovery, as students work on collaborative projects that are showcased in a variety of exhibits and displays at the University.  Career and freelance skills are taught in upper-level classes. No matter which concentration is chosen, all three instill the creative, technological and philosophical skills necessary to be competitive in today’s market. Creativity and concept are key in the FDU Design Programs.