Home – Fort View Golf Course – Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

For well over ninety years golfers have been teeing off at this course. Created in 1924, it was known first as the Albion Vale Golf Course. But it soon changed its name to the Hillsdale Golf Club in 1925 when the course struck a deal with William Perkins, the owner of the famous Hillsdale House Inn. He agreed to build a clubhouse and maintain and operate the course in exchange for having it named after his establishment.

The Hillsdale Golf Club originally occupied about 10 acres of rocky pasture and orchard on the former Goucher property. The holes were short and crammed together, but the golfers were few and the views were lovely! Through the years there have been a handful of owners and a few name changes along the way. Over time, holes were added to complete the 18-hole par 70 Annapolis Royal Golf Course that was familiar to many a golfer.