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Owners Wilson Vera and Gabrielle Vasile are a young couple who met in Brooklyn, NY and relocated to Maui, where they were inspired to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant honoring Venezuelan culture and traditional family recipes. Featuring classic South American ingredients such as corn, plantain, yuca and coconut. Venezuelan cuisine merges flavors of Africa, Spain, Indian-South Asia as well as indigenous cuisine from the Caribbean, the Andes and the  Amazon. Lots of culture and lots of flavor. Gabrielle and Wilson are more than excited to introduce these classic South American flavors of Venezuela to Maui, Hawaii.

Our logo is a mix of the country’s most popular dish, the arepa, and of the first ever Venezuelan woman to win Miss World, Susana Duijm. When Duijm returned to her hometown after her crowning, she was honored by her local arepera owners with the creation of a new arepa – La Reina Pepiada or Curvy Queen. This arepa is one of the most popular arepas to this day and can be found in almost every arepera or arepa restaurant, around the world. Inspired by the 1950’s, Venezuela’s golden years, and La Isla Margarita off the Venezuelan coast, our design is tropical and light hearted and inviting. Created with the help of Venezuelan graphic designer, Marieth Roa, Miss Arepa is an adorable representation of the combined love of beauty and food in Venezuela.