How do you expedite efficiently? Share you knowledge of proper expediting. : KitchenConfidential

It appears that no one in my restaurant knows how to expedite correctly. As a cook, it is causing me great stress. Our chef quit last week without notice. The place has only been open 2 months. On Saturday night there were 2 expediters, GM, FOH manager, server, other cooks, busser/runner (I’ve never even been introduced to who can’t even pronounce the names of the items he is “firing”) who all appeared to be expediting. At least 7 people were telling me to fire orders throughout service. But mostly they weren’t. When the sous and I attempted to get callbacks, we were met with silence. It was as if no one was expediting. I’ve been working in kitchens for 18 years and this was one of the worst nights I’ve ever experienced.

I’m not really sure if I can help this restaurant out, it has me thirsting for knowledge of expediting. So what better place to ask?