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The new year is only a few days away, and the best holidays of the year are closer than ever. While this year’s Christmas celebrations are going to be different from last year’s – because of COVID-19 restrictions, this shouldn’t stop you from having the time of your life and spending some quality time with your friends and family.

For course creators, it’s a great time to let their course offerings shine, as it’s the time everyone buys gifts for their loved ones!

Even with social distanced holidays, everyone is getting ready and buying gifts. And, the best present right now is the gift of a new skill, self-development or professional advancement.

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An online course can be all those things and many more. So, how would you go in offering your course to be bought as a gift?

It’s similar to offering a “gift card” for a shop, keep reading to find out 🎁

Offering Your Course as a Gift

You want to offer an online course to be bought as a gift.

With LearnWorlds, there are three ways to do this: You either use

All three ways require you to create a ‘placeholder’ (or empty) course for anyone to wish to buy a course as a gift.
Let’s see how each one works in more detail, going through the steps you need to take.

Using a Google Form

Pros: Easy to set up
Cons: Adding users manually to gifted courses

The idea here is for someone to buy a course and provide their loved one’s details to be enrolled into the course. The process is straightforward and easy, and gives you more control to evaluate each form submission and sale before enrolling someone.

How to set up

Before you sign in to your LearnWorlds school, visit Google Forms, and create your online form. The form, which takes only a few minutes to create, needs to ask your friend or the person you are giving the gift to, the two most important questions that will grant him access to the course.

The pieces of information you will need here is the full name and email address.

A sample of a Google form

Once you create the form, note down its embed HTML code, because you will need it later on. You can get this by clicking on the ‘Send’ button in the right-hand corner of the Google Forms window.

Now, you are ready to upload it to your LearnWorlds school.

So, log in to your school, go to ‘Courses’ and click on ‘Create Course’.

A screenshot showing the first step of the course creation wizard in LearnWorlds.

Go through the course creation wizard and follow the steps:

Give your course a name, choose a URL for your course, set it as a PAID course, decide on a price e.g. 30 euros, and finally upload an image for it.

A screenshot showing the second step of the course creation wizard in LearnWorlds.

Then click on the course you have just created and go to ‘Contents’ to add sections. Create a section, give it a title, and choose the option Paid in accessibility settings.

Click ‘Save’ and then ‘Add Activity’.

Again, give it a name e.g. How to Create Your First Painting, and then choose the ‘Embed’ option as the type of your learning unit. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’.

A screenshot showing the contents of a course in LearnWorlds.
Image title: Course-contents-in-LearnWorlds-school

Then, click on ‘Settings’ (button next to the learning activity) and copy-paste the embed code for your Google Form.

A screenshot showing the embed code of a learning unit in LearnWorlds.

To see if this worked, click on ‘Preview’. The form should appear on the right-hand side of your screen, like this:

A screenshot showing the course preview in LearnWorlds.
Image title: Course-preview-in-LearnWorlds

Anyone who buys the course will come up to this form. The user should complete this with the information of the person who is going to receive the gift – name & email address.

As an admin, you will get a notification upon the form submission which will allow you to add the new learner to your student base and manually enroll him.

Using a coupon

Pros: Easy to set up
Cons: Again, requires some manual work

Another way of sending the gift, is creating a coupon code for 100% off the course price and sharing that by email to the buyer, who then can share it with their friend or loved one to access the course.

You can even create a beautiful template to add the coupon code every time, so it looks more like a digital gift card!

Giving your customers a gift card to share is a more powerful way to share the present!

The process is the same as with the form, by creating a placeholder course, but you don’t need a google form. In this case, you can create an ebook with instructions on how to get the coupon.

thank you message

Here is how to create a coupon code

Go to your LearnWorlds school and repeat the same process of creating an empty course as a placeholder.

Then, go to ‘Pricing’ and click on ‘Create course/bundle promotion’.

When the side tab appears, give your promotion a name, and set the discount percentage at 100. Upload your course, and create your coupon.

A screenshot showing the steps to create a coupon code in LearnWorlds.

The original price of the painting course in this example is 30 euros, but with the coupon code of 100% discount, your friend will be able to access the course for free.

Once you finish click ‘Save’ and go to ‘Contents’.

From there, you need to add an ebook as a learning activity and add the instructions.

Click on ‘Edit Ebook’ and customize it as you see fit adding a block/heading (from the right-hand side menu) that matches the visual requirements of your course.

Anyone who buys this course will see your message now. Let them know that they will receive the gift code to their email after X-hours, and more information on how they will be able to use the coupon.

Using Zapier

Pros: Automates the process
Cons: Requires more work and technical understanding upfront

Finally, there is the option to use Zapier and fully automate the process. This requires a bit more work upfront, but, very little work in the future. That’s the best way if you are expecting hundreds of gift card sales.

Doing so will allow you to connect the app to the empty course you have created and to your email so that when a customer buys the course, a coupon is automatically sent to him.

This is feasible because of a ‘coupon bank’ Zapier comes with.

This is a storage with pre-made coupons that are designed specifically for this purpose. From the storage, you can easily manage and keep track of all the coupons you send to students.

To do this, you will need to create two Zaps:


Zap 1: Add coupon codes to the storage app:

You can add coupon codes from a Google Sheet trigger that is activated every time a new row is added to the sheet, just like the screenshot below shows.

A screenshot showing the Zapier storage.

You will need to create bulk coupons on LearnWorlds and then add your codes in a Google Spreadsheet and then use the “Push value” to Storage by Zapier to fill it up with codes.


Zap 2: Pull coupon codes from storage and send them to students:

Once you fill the storage with coupon codes, you need to create a second zap to deliver each one at specific times.
Remember to choose the option Pop value from list. This action will get one of the unique coupon codes and then remove it from the list.

steps zapier gift course

*Be sure to check the storage in case you need to add more coupons there. By testing the zap, you will see if the storage is empty.


Set a final step in the Zapier sequence to send an email.

You can use the email from the “new enrollment” and in the body of the email use the variable for the value of the coupon that you got in the previous step.

Learning how to use Zapier’s storage will take a bit of work but if you are able to understand some tech research, you will be able to do this in a couple of hours.

For more information on how to use Zapier’s storage, click here.

Disclaimer: The automated method with Zapier needs more work and technical knowledge, and it is recommended to test it with a few test users before going live with it. This method is recommended for bigger accounts with hundreds of sales per month. If you are going to sell a small number of gift course, it would be best to use one of the first two methods!

Ready to invest in knowledge?

Holidays are the best time to exchange presents with your loved ones, and the most precious gift you can give them is knowledge.

This Christmas you won’t be unwrapping presents, but you can teach others how to knit, how to start a new garden; or develop their writing skills.

Just like Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’.

So, are you ready to create and sell online courses? Get started today with your free 30-day trial on LearnWorlds!

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