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Idexo enables innovators the tools they need to build disruptive applications. Using the Idexo SDK and API services, builders can, with just a few simple lines of code, leverage key features of blockchain technology and seamlessly integrate NFTs into games, apps, and marketing campaigns. Through method-based stable pricing on supported blockchain networks, Idexo also reduces the economic friction of integrating blockchain functionality.

Idexo was founded by Greg Marlin and Helder Sepulveda in 2021. Given that they are both full-stack developers they were able to release the first version of their SDK and back-end engine quickly, before even releasing a whitepaper. Idexo was incubated through Outlier Ventures Basecamp Cohort 4 program in early 2021. It received an early grant of 500 AR from Arweave and integrated Arweave first in its SDK. Idexo caught early attention by reducing the minting of an NFT with the Image and Metadata on Arweave and Token on Binance Smart Chain to just 1 line of code.

Later it received a lot of attention for being the first to enable users to mint NFTs on Telegram with just a bot command and on Twitter with just a tweet. It used this functionality and success as a foundation to build its Community Development Kit and marketing campaigns products.

The TGE for the Idexo (IDO) Token took place on September 20, 2021. Prior to that, idexo raised $3.35M across 3 private sale and 1 public sale rounds, with notable investors such as Titans Ventures, Floem Capital, C2G Ventures, CSP DAO, DAO Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Defiants, BlackDragon, CryptoAvengers and others.

With the $IDO token users can stake in general and directional staking pools and receive rewards primarily in $USDT with additional bonus rewards in $IDO. In doing so, and by using the NFTs they receive when staking to vote with, stakers help guide the roadmap of the project. The innovative “proof of stake” staking program is described in detail in “10 Reasons to Stake $IDO and How To Do It,” as well as in It is also described in detail in the whitepaper. Holders of these stake NFTs can use them for additional benefits as well, such as free and discounted products and special access.