Job Orientation

How to Prepare for a Job Orientation:

1. Know who they need to meet.

Make sure they know who will be handling their orientation on the first day. Ideally, this person will be waiting to greet the new hire when they arrive, but if not, at least they’ll know who to ask for. If you want to take this a little further, help them connect on social media beforehand.

2. Tell them what to wear.

Save them the embarrassment of showing up in the wrong clothes on the first day. Let them know what clothes they'll need to wear or bring to the job orientation. You can help them to prepare by sharing your company's dress code policy.

3. Tell them what to bring.

Find some way of letting them know what they'll need for the first day. If you provide everything, let them know that too.

4. Know how the job supports the company mission.

Even the most basic jobs contribute to the overall purpose of the organization in some way. Let your new hires know what the mission of your company is, and connect their job to that mission.

Employees who have a strong overall sense of purpose connected to their jobs are easier to retain, happier, more forward-thinking, and optimistic. You can get new hires started with a sense of purpose on the first day by explaining exactly how their job fits into the big picture.

5. Do paperwork outside of the orientation.

Don’t make someone spend their first day filling out stacks of forms. It’s a terrible, boring way for someone to get a first impression of what it’s like at their new job. You can save time, money, and trees by scanning the paperwork and emailing it to them. If that doesn’t work for you, just give them a packet to take home and fill out.