Mason Dixon Distillery and Restaurant | Destination Gettysburg

Make Mason Dixon Distillery part of your culinary experience while in Gettysburg. We are a small family owned distillery and restaurant located in one of the most history rich towns in the USA.

Both our food and spirits are made from scratch by us on our premises. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and every grain is sourced from our neighboring farms. Stop in and enjoy a selection from our seasonal menu paired with one of our craft cocktails. Local beer, wine and cider are also available.

The seasonal menu supplemented with weekly specials offers a selection of small plates, sandwiches and entrees. Delight in summer favorites like fried green tomatoes or fall warm ups such as poutine. Enjoy shrimp and grits or turkey pie. Share with friends or keep your your selection all to yourself.

Housed in the restored Gettysburg Furniture Factory, our space still features the century old craftsmanship offering a gentle blend of new meeting old all while paying heavy respect to the building’s history and those who worked here long before us.