Mi Casa

Welcome to THE GRILL. We are thrilled to have you join us after months of pandemic‐induced closure that prevented our team from sharing our new restaurant with you.

To say that we are excited to be serving you again is an understatement. Our team has been preparing for your arrival and is ready to share warm hospitality as well as our delicious cuisine and beverage with you.

To be honest, we are also a little bit apprehensive. After all, just like you, we are learning to embrace the new normal required by the CDC/local government to ensure the health and safety of our guests and teammates while we serve you.

Despite these new protocols, we are determined to find a way to connect with each of you and deliver the experience you have come to expect from the team at THE GRILL. We will do our very best to live up to your expectations and do our part to keep you safe. In return, we ask that you help keep our team safe too.

To ensure we all follow the new rules required of restaurants and guests, you may notice that our service has changed a bit. For this reason, we want to set expectations and provide clarity about your upcoming dining experience:

  1. Please be patient as these changes are new to all of us. Social distancing, staffing limits, enhanced sanitation/cleanliness procedures and service adjustments may result in a little extra time required to prepare your table and receive your order. If you feel like it’s been too long, please ask for a manager.
  2. Everyone on our team is required to wear a face covering. We ask you to do the same whenever you are not seated at your table. Face coverings are also required whenever you use the restroom or speak with a member of our front desk team. Please share this information with your fellow guests.
  3. To respect social distancing, we will visit your table less often than you are accustomed to at THE GRILL. For example, water and water glasses will be brought initially, but we will leave it to you to pour and distribute. Please be sure to let us know if you prefer more or less service at any time.
  4. To ensure your safety and ours, we will not be reaching across the table to clear plates or wipe your table as we did before. Please also assist our team with passing items to your fellow guests and returning to us when everyone at the table has finished their meal. You are free to stack your plates at the edge of the table and we will remove them as soon as possible. If you require clearing or cleaning of an individual place‐setting, please let us know.
  5. We ask that you embrace contactless payment. It allows you to keep your credit card in your possession, provides a faster way to conclude your experience and lessens interpersonal contact from the exchange of pens and credit cards. Before you depart, please let your server know when you complete payment so we may confirm processing on our end. This is new technology, so please be patient.

The standards above apply to all teammates and guests of KNEAD Restaurants, including SUCCOTASH National Harbor, SUCCOTASH Penn Quarter and MI VIDA, District Wharf.

On behalf of the entire KNEAD family, thank you for joining us. Your support during these challenging times keeps our teammates employed and allows us to do what we love…taking care of you!