‎MrBeast Burger



I respect Mr. Beast and his crew for everything they’ve done and this food establishment is definitely interesting. I think a 4 star rating is fair. The app itself is put together fine. Ordering is quite easy and making an account is even easier. However, some things may need to be polished. It is quite hard to find a proper menu, it being hidden in the “About us” page. I also think for some burgers there should be more options. For example in the Beast style burger there is an option to “remove cheese” but no “remove mayo.” Besides the app itself another problem I faced was the delivery option. Since Mr. Beast Burger doesn’t have any restaurants of its own; it does not have its own delivery service and relies on delivery services like Uber and Doordash. This is very unreliable and resulted in my Uber drivers canceling twice, causing my food to sit for an hour, becoming cold, and eventually causing my order to be canceled. If you get Mr. Beast Burger I highly recommend pick-up. Overall the food was good (I would say on par if not better than most other fast food restaurants), pick-up (at least in my area) was pleasant, delivery was terrible, and the app functions well enough. Overall, I enjoyed the service this app provided and would recommend Mr. Beast Burger for the most part.