National Taiwan University Finance Undergraduate

The Department of Finance offers the four-year undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Students must complete 138 credits to acquire the Bachelor Degree. The coursework comprises of required finance courses (69 credits), freshman courses (12 credits), electives (45 credits) and the GE courses (12 credits)


The learning goal of undergraduate program is to cultivate professional for the financial market. Thus,

in order to balance the theory and practice in finance for students, the teaching of our faculty is focused on the students' balanced development in their study. Our department requires undergraduates to learn basic knowledge in economics, accounting, money and banking, and investment in the first two years of study. Further, our department requires students to take advanced courses such as financial management, financial statement analysis, insurance and management of financial institutions to enhance their professional abilities when they are in the third and fourth year of study. The training of all courses seeks to establish a solid foundation for students. Doing so, the undergraduates prepare themselves well for their future career or further studies.


The Department of Finance offers a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. A student must complete a minimum of 138 credit units, of which 93 are obligatory.

The obligatory courses are as follows: