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As an actor in the Twin Cities, Alan Holasek was tired of balancing a demanding day job with his passion for acting. Looking for something to supplement his income with, he noticed that every April actors were asking around for a place to have their taxes prepared. The only place in town that advertised tax preparation for actors was completely booked up, leaving most actors no choice but to use a service unfamiliar with their needs. 

At that point, Alan realized that he had stumbled onto something. He decided to start a tax preparation business.

Alan went online and began researching the available options. He compared rankings, pricing, and course selections. Then he discovered National Tax Training School. Their program checked all of his boxes. They’d been around for a long time, their pricing was competitive, and their courses covered all essential topics. Once Alan began the course, he was hooked. He found that the information was clear and well-organized, and the teachers were knowledgeable, quickly getting back to him with the answers to his questions.

 In 2017, Alan opened Green Room Tax Service, a tax preparation business focused on the needs of actors and other entertainment professionals. In his first tax season, Alan easily got eight clients and not only covered his initial costs but came out with a profit. The next year, he more than doubled his client base and his revenue.