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Part-time study in creative writing

Develop your creativity with an Oxford University short course or award programme.

Need an extra push to finish your novel, poem or play? Completely new to the world of creative writing? Want to improve your analytical reading skills? No matter where you are in your writing journey, or where you are in the world, there is a part-time course to suit you.

Short online courses

Our short online courses in creative writing include live-time weekly classes, day and weekend schools and flexible online courses.

Credit earned from our short online courses is transferable towards our Certificate of Higher Education – a part-time undergraduate course in which you study a main subject discipline but also undertake study in other academic subjects.

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Diploma in Creative Writing

Our two-year, part-time Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing allows you to strengthen your ability in four major areas of literary activity — prose, poetry, drama and analytical reading — as well as the chance to specialise in the medium of your choice. You can now opt to take this course mostly online.

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