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Vietnam represents an exciting opportunity for private sector investments. Vietnam has risen 24 positions in the World Bank Doing Business Survey from 2015 to 2020, and every province has steadily improved its performance on the VCCI Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI). The recent unveiling of the PCI showed that Vietnam witnessed impressive reform efforts by local governments across the country and many governance areas have been improved to remove obstacles for businesses.

“USAID’s presence in Vietnam is a signal of our commitment to further deepening our relationship with a valued partner in the Indo-Pacific region. Future growth will require continued investment, human capital building, and policy reforms. USAID is open to partnering with stakeholders, public and private, that are willing to invest in Vietnam’s vision,” said USAID/Vietnam Mission Director Ann Marie Yastishock.

For the private sector working in Vietnam, we encourage you to review the opportunities to partner with USAID/Vietnam. We are focused on pursuing areas of mutual interest and partnering with private sector entities to identify business opportunities within development challenges. The list below identifies areas that we are currently focused on partnering with the private sector to address common interests and provides a direct link for you to initiate these discussions.

USAID/Vietnam will pursue shared value partnerships that leverage resources and innovation to increase the speed and efficiency of achieving our strategic development results. By pursuing shared value partnerships, a subset of the larger Public-Private Partnership (PPP) concept that focuses on aligned interests and opportunities, we will mobilize domestic and international resources and identify private enterprise-driven solutions to development challenges, thereby moving closer to the day when development assistance will not be required.

Promoting Global Linkages for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 

The USAID Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises (LinkSME) project aims to strengthen the supplier-buyer relationships between Vietnamese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and lead firms located in Vietnam to help SMEs participate in global value chains. This five-year, $25 million project will improve the business environment by lowering costs for businesses located in Vietnam to source locally while representing a huge opportunity to grow Vietnam’s SME sector.

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Expanding Health-related Goods and Services 

The Healthy Markets project has increased private sector investment for HIV commodities. The project provides data on market segmentation; deploys innovative marketing campaigns; brokers relationships between private sector, government and civil society; and addresses key policy barriers for sustainable growth. The project looks to expand commercial sales of condoms as well as HIV self-test kits, and access to key population friendly private sector HIV services including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and antiretroviral (ARV) treatment.

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USAID’s Healthy Markets project has partnered with PharmaCity, a private pharmacy chain, to promote HIV self-testing for the first time in Vietnam.

USAID’s Healthy Markets

HIV Domestic Financing Solutions & Civil Society Organizations (CSO)

CSOs have demonstrated the ability to innovate delivery of cost-effective services such as condom distribution, and HIV lay-provider and self​-​testing. They are adept at increasing reach to hidden and vulnerable populations, and are deploying fee-based approaches to sustain their efforts. CSOs are increasingly skilled at working with the private sector, and seen as reliable partners for promoting market growth for HIV and other health services and commodities.  

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G-link and G3VN, civil society partners of USAID’s Healthy Markets project, participate in providing HIV lay testing services.

G-link and G3VN, civil society partners of USAID’s Healthy Markets project, participate in providing HIV lay testing services.


Expediting Trade and Supporting Customs Reforms in Vietnam

The USAID Trade Facilitation Program aims to enhance existing and promote new partnerships between customs and the business community while improving dialogue on key trade facilitation and customs reforms. The program collaborates closely with private sector partners on policy and procedural changes for customs and specialized inspections at the national and provincial level. By streamlining and harmonizing procedures such as specialized inspections, it aims to reduce customs clearance times, thereby reducing the time and cost to trade. With the active participation of the private sector throughout its activities, the program ensures that reforms are targeted towards traders as the ultimate beneficiaries of expedited cross-border trade.

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Clean Energy

USAID/Vietnam is actively facilitating the deployment of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. USAID’s Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program II (V-LEEP II) and the USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security project seek to collaborate with like-minded corporate leaders to accelerate Vietnam’s transition to a vibrant and clean energy economy.

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Digital Finance

USAID’s Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) and Digital Finance Teams invite private sector partners to assess digital PFES payment opportunities in Vietnam and help build an inclusive economic infrastructure that improves governance, creates transparency, and provides a foundation for innovative, new business models.

To partner: Dr. Do Dang Teo, Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID Sustainable Forest Management project, at

Improving Livelihoods of Ethnic Minority Communities

USAID invites impact investors and companies sourcing agroforestry products to work with our Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management Teams to identify and expand livelihoods that allow marginalized ethnic minority communities to prosper and live in harmony with their globally unique forests.

To partner: Dr. Do Dang Teo, Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID Sustainable Forest Management project, at 

Strengthening Higher Education

USAID is partnering with the Government of Vietnam and the private sector to support Vietnam’s efforts to modernize its higher education system. Private sector partnerships are helping leading universities reform their curriculum and teaching practices to produce job-ready graduates for the global economy. USAID seeks new private sector partners to expand its higher education partnerships in the areas of technology and engineering, medicine, and liberal arts. Partners in the corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors contribute complementary funding, technology, expertise, initiatives, and supportive policy in pursuit of shared interests.

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Medical Education:

Technology and Engineering Education: 

Fulbright University Vietnam:

A student at Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy using modern technology at a USAID-supported smart classroom.

A student at Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy using modern technology at a USAID-supported smart classroom.