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Pines of Rome Since 1972, the Best Italian Food and Pizza in Bethesda

About Pines Of Rome

At Pines of Rome, owner Chef Marco Troiano brings together a unique set of offerings coming from the small, peasant town in southern Italy where he grew up as well as from the many different Italian restaurants he worked in across Europe and the USA as a young man. The Pines of Rome has been an institution in Bethesda, Maryland for 5 decades.

The key to our food quality is simple: we use FRESH ingredients every single time and make each dish to order. Nothing is prepared beforehand. Whether it's Pasta, Pizza, Chicken, Veal, Vegetables, Seafood, you are sure to get fresh, home-cooked tasty food at a reasonable price.

Since 1972, there has always been only one Pines of Rome,