Pizza al Bacio – York, PA

Our pizza sauce is a homemade recipe that includes fresh California tomatoes and is seasoned with our own blend of spices. That sauce is difficult to duplicate as our ingredients are key to providing a unique taste. We also offer only the best and freshest cheese to top our delicious pizzas. At Pizza Al Bacio, we make our own bread fresh every day.

There is a tremendous amount of pride put into all of our homemade recipes including our Alfredo and Pesto sauces as well as our homemade salads. California romaine lettuce is used in our salads. That lettuce is cut, washed and always guaranteed to be crisp and fresh. We use local produce when it is available during the summer months. Fresh artichokes, peppers, kalamata olives and even fresh chicken enhance the flavors of our food.

We even make our own Caesar dressing, which is very popular among our customers. Our lasagna is also made from scratch, using our very own meat sauce made with a special blend of ingredients. Every little detail is covered as we aim to give you a top notch dining experience when it comes to Italian food.